Tcl roku tv comes with built in Audio Guide feature. You can read the text menu and other screen items with the help of Audio Guide feature.

If you want to turn of voice on tcl roku tv, then you can follow the below instruction to enable & disable the voice (Audio Guide Feature).

How to disable voice search on my tcl roku tv

  1. Take your tcl roku tv remote control and press on the Home icon button.
  2. After that, Goto on Settings and select it.
  3. Select the Accessibility option by using your roku tv remote control’s navigation buttons.
  4. After that, select the Audio Guide option.
  5. After selecting Audio Guide, you can select ON to turn on & OFF to Turn off the text to speach or voice feature.

Shortcut Method : You can press the * button four (4) times on your remote control for turn on & trun off the Audio Guide feature on your tcl roku tv.