If you want to connect your Bluetooth speaker, subwoofer or soundbar with your Phillips smart tv or Phillips Android TV by using the Bluetooth LE. Follow the below instruction for how to turn in the Bluetooth on your Phillips Android tv for paring a subwoofer or Soundbar.

Note: You can pair up to 4 wireless or Bluetooth speaker on your Phillips Android smart tv. But
you can play a speaker at a time.

How to pair a speaker on Phillips tv

Follow the below steps to pair a speaker by using the Bluetooth.

1. Take your Remote Control and press on the Settings icon Button.

2. Select the All Settings option and press on the OK button.

3. Select the Wireless and Network option. Press on the Right arrow key on your remote control to enter into the menu.

4. Select the Bluetooth option.

5. After that, select the Search Bluetooth Device option and press on the Ok button.

6. After that, you need to search your Bluetooth enabled device to pair with your Phillps smart tv. Follow the step by step Bluetooth pairing instructions to connect your device with tv.

7. Select your devices such as subwoofer or the soundbar and select the Next and press on the
OK button,

8. If you facing any issue or problems to connect or pair your device with Phillips smart tv. Repeat all the above steps or use the left arrow key for Go back

Note: You can use the Help key and search the Bluetooth ON and OFF feature or Speaker for
getting help.

How to play my Bluetooth paired speaker on my Phillips tv

After pairing your Bluetooth speaker on your tv, you need to follow the below instructions to
change your speaker.

1. Press on the Settings icon button on your remote control.

2. Select the Speakers option and press on the OK button on your Phillips tv remote control.

3. Select your speaker system name which you want to play on your Phillips smart tv. Press on the OK button.

4. Use the Left arrow key for repeating the steps and close the Menu.