You are a user of vizio smart tv. You are using the apps on vizio smart tv for watching videos, movies and shows. You need to check app updates for improving your user experience. Most of the app developing companies or firms, provide app weekly, monthly and quarterly for improving the user experience as well as fixing the bug on app.

If you want to update apps on vizio smart tv, you don’t know how to update apps on vizio smart tv.  Follow the below steps for updating your existing app on your vizio tv.

How to update apps on Vizio TV by using Vizio VIA

Follow the below steps to update your apps by using the Vizio VIA option

  1. Take your Vizio tv remote, press on the V button.
  2. After that, you need to select your app which you want to update. After selection, press on the yellow color button on your vizio tv remote control.
  3. After that, if you see the update button, then you can click on it to update your app on tv.
  4. If the update option is not showing, then you can delete the app and reinstall again by using your app store.

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