If you are facing app crashing or other software related issues like slow downloading. You need to check the software updates on your Samsung smart tv regularly for fixing your problems.

You can update your Samsung smart tv software by two methods like:

1. You can update by using your Samsung smart tv menu settings. It is a very simple and easy method for updating Samsung smart tv software. But, you required the internet connection for upgrading the tv software.

2. You can upgrade your Samsung smart tv software via USB sticks. You need to download the Samsung tv firmware update files from the official website according to your smart tv model.

How to update Samsung tv Firmware or Software

Follow the below steps for updating your tv firmware with a latest available version of the software.

1. Connect your Samsung smart tv with an internet connection. You connect internet on your tv via a wireless or wired network.

2. Take your Samsung tv remote control and press on the Home icon Button.

3. Select the setting option by using your remote control navigation buttons.

4. The settings menu will appear on your tv screen. Select the Support option which shows on your left slide bar of Settings Menu.5. Support menu will appear on your tv screen. Select the Software update option.

6. Select the Update Now option.

7. Now your Samsung tv will check the available software update by using an internet connection. If software or firmware updates available, then press on and upgrade your Samsung tv with the latest version.

8. If no new update available at the moment, press on the OK button to finish the process of updating software.

Note: Software upgradtion steps may be slightly different according to Samsung smart tv models.