How To Use Hisense Air Conditioner Remote

If you are using Hisense air conditioner and don’t know how to use hisense air conditioner remote for operating the room air conditioner. You can follow the below instructions to use hisense ac remote control for operating the ac with different functions.

How to use Hisense AC Remote Control

Follow the below steps to operating the different fuctions like sleep mode, smart mode, timer & maintane the room temperature.

  • Take your Hisense AC remote control and point to your ac. It will be opearate AC at upto 7m distance to your pointing place.
  • After that, Press the button o your remote which you want to control or operate on your hisense AC.

You can follow the below instrutions about the buttons.

1. Smart Mode

Set the automatically temperature and fan speed based on your room’s temperature.

2. Sleep Mode

You ca n set in cooling, heating or drying via Sleep mode. But, you can’t use the Sleep mode with Smart Mode.

3. Super

This button is used to start or stop fast heating or cooling.

4. Dimmer

Turn off your control panel display.

5. Clock

You can set te real time by using the clock funtion.

6. Timer

Timer function is used to turn on your ac at the present time.

7. Swing

You can swing airflow vertically by using swing function.