Ideas to make money with computer services

Ideas to make money with computer services

Hardly any industry that today can work without a computer. However, not every company has its own IT department. Here are some business ideas how you can make money with services around the computer:

Idea 1: Computer repair service

In today’s computer-based society, “downtime” quickly becomes an expensive and serious problem. As a computer repair professional, equipped with the necessary know-how for the repair of the hardware errors, you offer fast help to your clients, who do not have their own IT department.

Idea 2: Computer Consulting

As a computer consultant, you are active in an emerging market. Whether you are an expert on Windows and Linux, or set up networks, a growing number of computer “novices” will certainly benefit from your services.

Idea 3: Internet Researcher

Practical experience is particularly valuable when it comes to fast and competent information search on the Internet. If you are familiar with the search parameters of some search engines, you can earn money with the search for information.

Idea 4: Website Designer

If you are specialized in content management software, creating websites is easy. There are still a lot of small-scale entrepreneurs, freelancers or associations who do not have their own website or can not maintain their own website adequately. Here you can jump in.

Idea 5: Software Training

Employee training in SAP, CRM programs or another of the numerous specialized software programs requires a thorough training. Here you can get started and offer training courses for different companies. The more specialized, the better.


Idea 6: Computer tutoring for private individuals

Just because we live in a computer age does not mean that every computer is savvy. This is where the computer tutor comes in. A home based computer tutor teaches individuals how to best use their computer programs and the Internet, usually by appointment at the customer’s location.

Idea 7: Internet Marketing

The websites of many small businesses offer little information and are hardly used by potential customers. Your activity includes all marketing measures aimed at directing visitors to a particular Internet presence where a transaction can be completed or made known and make money through computer.