It’s only been two days since we told you that Instagram would be working on a new feature that would allow the publication of videos of up to an hour in length, a story that the Wall Street Journal echoed. Now, from TechCrunch continue with the rumours claiming that Instagram is ready a new video hub designed for the most professional content.

Similar to platforms like Facebook Watch or Snapchat’s Discover section

The new Instagram video space would bet to offer access to high-quality music videos and shows, with a resolution of up to 4K. As expected, the video hub would display the content in vertical format. Specifically, one of the objectives of the social network is to offer an alternative to the quality content found on YouTube, so that Instagram would have already contacted different content creators to hear their feedback.

At the moment most of the details about the project are unknown, such as whether the new hub would be part of the “Explore” section of the application or whether it would be a totally new project. There is also no information about possible monetization plans for content creators, something that would be extremely interesting. Still, we do know that videos could be used to include links to other websites where you can sell products and services.

As we told you ahead of time, it is important to keep in mind that for the moment it is just rumours. Still, from the source said that the project would be at a very advanced stage of its development, so that an official announcement could be made next June 20. We will remain attentive to any news that may arise in relation to the project.