internet marketing

You will not have more customers by the fact of using this or that emailing platform or this or that social network. The important thing is the strategy you choose. So, take 5 minutes to re-thinking how you manage your marketing strategy. The rest will follow naturally.

The fundamentals of Internet Marketing

> A target
> A positioning
> An irresistible offer
> A sales channel

1. Who are your services for?

To talk to everyone is to talk to no one. The more you have a specific target and your prospects will come to you because they will recognize themselves in what you have to offer. The target is not to deprive oneself. Your target is not your market. Rest assured, targeting your communication to be more effective will not prevent you from attracting customers who do not address you in the first plane.

2. Define your ideal client

Ask yourself, “Who is your IDEAL customer ? “. Your target heart.

Draw his robot portrait:

Who is he ? What are his income? Where does he live ? Is it a man or a woman? How old is he ? Does he have children? Does he spend more time at work or at home? What is he doing to have fun? What matters most in his life? What is he working on? What are his responsibilities? What are its objectives ? What are his values? What are his other sources of information?

3. Do you know where to go to find your ideal customer on the Internet?

Once you have a perfect view of your ideal customer, then you will be able to ask yourself, “Where is this ideal customer right now?”

On which blogs (on the same theme as you or not)? Which social networks? Which groups within these social networks? Which magazines (online or not) reads? What does he do during his free time? What communities of interest does it belong to? etc.

If you do not know where you are looking your competitors, this may give you an idea.

4. What do people come for on the Internet?

People come on the Internet looking for solutions to their problems. So propose a solution to one of the problems of your ideal client. Indeed, no matter what tools you offer them, what your client is looking for is a BENEFIT. Do not waste time presenting the features of your products / services. You will have to position yourself as a benefit, by providing a solution to one of its problems. For example, if you sell Internet signal amplifiers , do not dwell on the characteristics of your service, but all that your customer will be able to gain thanks to him: to save time, simplify his life and so on.

The best-kept secret of entrepreneurs to sell on the Internet or why non-targeted services have no visibility on the web

5. Do you have an irresistible offer for this ideal client?

To do this, ask yourself: What problem can you solve? Save time? to save money ? to simplify life? to be more recognized? to cultivate one’s health? etc.

You do not know yet? Call your ideal client or one of your old customers and ask him!

Once your profit is found, show him in all your communications that you are here to help him. Put yourself in his place and talk to him directly (as if you were talking to a friend). Insist that you are going to remove this (stubborn) thorn from him;)

6. Have you designed a “sales channel”?

On the web, there is an order to respect to arrive at the sale:

Pre-sales: Make yourself visible to generate leads and create a relationship with these prospects:
This involves the distribution of content on social networks, a well referenced site, which converts visitors to prospects (via a module of registration to your mailing list) …

Create a sales channel on the Internet

– The sale: Mostly via the setting up of a scenario of emailings (via an auto-responder like Mailchimp or Aweber )

– The loyalty of your existing customers (It is on average 10 times harder to sell something to someone who does not know you than a former customer.)

In short, it is the famous model of the funnel !
Once your circuit is set up, it will work on its own. You will only have to animate it;)

7. Do you have these 2 other things ?

Once you have your strategy in place, you will know where you are going with the various tools presented on this blog (or other!). You will then choose the ones that will fit best in your sales channel.

And a good strategy webmarketing, you will then only have to add these 2 ingredients:

PASSION: Love what you do and people will follow you naturally 🙂

PATIENCE: Paradoxically, it will only work if you are not in a hurry to get results in the short term!

Indeed, as a reminder, to sell on the Internet, you will need:

– A sufficiently large number of visitors
– To know how to develop a relationship with an audience that is faithful to you
– What other bloggers know you / partners to support you
– That Google considers your blog as a serious blog