Java Programming Language Keywords

Java Programming Language Keywords

Keywords have special meaning to the Java technology compiler. They identify a data type name or program construct name. Table  lists keywords that are used in the Java programming language.

Note – While you might think true and false are keywords, they are in fact Boolean literals, according to The Java Language Specification. Similarly, null is in fact the null literal.

The following are important notes about the keywords:

● The literals true, false, and null are lowercase, not uppercase as in the C++ language. Strictly speaking, these are not keywords but literals; however, the distinction is academic.

● There is no sizeof operator; direct memory access is not possible so the information would be valueless.

● The goto and const keywords are not used in the Java programming language.


Table of  Java Programming Language Keywords

abstract    continue    for   new      switch

assert     default     goto     package

synchronized  boolean     do          if

private          this          break       double  

 implements     protected         throw

byte      else    import      public      throws

case  enum  instanceof   return  transient

catch     extends       int         short        try

char       final     interface     static    void

class        finally    long     strictfp  volatile

const       float     native     super       while