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Make Money

On this page you will find an overview of the articles published so far in this series.

Revenue items

Here is a list of sources of income for blogs and websites. The list is arranged in alphabetical order.

In Adcell * is an affiliate network. This provider thus establishes the connection between companies and website / blog operators.

At the heart of the Adiro * offer for publishers, ie bloggers, website operators, etc., is the InText advertising.

AdJug is a so-called residual place marketer. So it is a banners network, where you can advertise your own websites and blogs, but you can also show ads on your own pages and earn money.

AdScale is a marketplace for online advertising. According to his own data, he is the market leader in Germany.

Removals are the services, which include Here, website publishers and advertisers are brought together.

Amazon offers a partner program for its huge online department store. This has advantages and disadvantages, which are discussed in more detail in this article.

Backlinkseller  is a link-selling and link-selling platform. With this platform, you can buy or buy links to push your own project forward. But you can also sell your own links and earn money.

To see what Bee5  is like, and how you can use it to earn money easily on the Internet, check out this article. In addition, I answer the question whether the service is worthwhile for professional website and blog operators.

Belboon  is an affiliate network that has pushed itself to one of the front ranks in Germany. I already have some good experiences with Belboon and I would like to introduce this source of income.

BidVertiser   looks very much like Google AdSense. Whether there are more parallels and how to start with BidVertiser, you will learn in this article.

In Billomat   is an online invoicing service that I have the blog presented here have one or two times. The interesting part, however, is the partner program, which can provide good revenue with the right target group.

Today I present again a Bannermarktplatz. However, unlike most others, I am very satisfied with Blogads.
Years ago I came across this source of income and was very much taken by then. The focus, however, is on the English-speaking market.

To see what Contaxe  is exactly about and what you can earn with it, you will find in this article.

Direct marketing Direct
marketing is one of my hobbies and I have been able to gain good experience in the last few years. In this article I present this source of income, give tips and share my experiences with you.

EBook Sales
There are a lot of free eBooks on the web. There are also more and more paid eBooks offered. You will find out what benefits this offers and what you have to pay attention to in this article.

EBuzzing / Trigami
What Trigami is about, how Trigami has changed, what eBuzzing has to offer and what my personal experiences are, you will learn in this article.

Exclusive banners networks
The “high school” of banner advertising is the premium marketers. What you have to do with these and what you can earn there, you can read in this article.

You can find out what this source of income is and what you can earn with Everlinks * below. In addition, I give tips and 2 reader opinions on Everlinks I have also received.
The Affiliate Program * is lucrative and offers a lot of insurance and financial products. In this article it is presented and I share my experiences.

Why I do not use Flattr, what that is at all and what experiences others have done with it, you will learn in this article.

Google AdSense
You do not really have to imagine today’s source of income. Google AdSense is probably the best known and most widely used source of income.

Today I present with GoViral a representative of the new video commercials. How the service works, what you can earn with it and what experiences I have made with it, you will learn in this article.

What Linklift * is exactly and how to make money with it, you will learn in this article.

Linkverkauf und Linkvermietung
Paid links have recently become more involved in the discussion. I present this resource more precisely, go into the different variants and speak of course also the risks.

What exactly is hidden behind a Membership-Site and how lucrative this source of revenue is, you will find in this article.

The basic principle of Plista sounds very interesting, as it promised not only a little effort, but also a useful blog functionality combined with a source of income. I have tested Plista and share my experiences with you.

Premium Content
Premium or even Paid Content is the attempt to establish long-established income models also in the net. I will show you how this type of web site looks like and what variants are available.

Instead of simply buying and selling links, Rankseller * relies on content. In this article, I present this vendor more precisely and, among other things, investigate the merits and the degree of risk.

As a crowdsourcing marketing platform the provider RankSider * describes itself its offer. Basically it is a backlink marketplace, paired with paid articles. How this looks in practice and what the pros and cons are, you will learn in this post.

Sistrix Partner Program
The Sistrix Partner Program * is attractive and offers a good intake potential. However, you also have to consider a few things.

donations are not a controversial source of income. How this works on the Internet, which technical providers are there for it and whether donations really worth it, you will learn in this article.

In SuperClix * is a medium-sized network, but that many interesting partner programs includes and can have one or the other advantage over other networks.

Theme and plugin sales
In this article of my series about income sources is about the theme and plugin sales. I present these two possibilities in this article and give examples, give advantages and go to problems.

Here I introduce an affiliate network. These are tradedoubler *, an international, very large affiliate network. How you can register there, what possibilities it offers and what experiences I could collect with it, you will learn in this article.

VG Wort
What it has with the VG word, who can make money with it and how the whole thing runs, you will learn in this article.

Website sales
Why it makes sense to sell websites and what to consider, you will find in this article.

Many of you know the premium plugin wpSEO * probably. It is a paid SEO plugin for WordPress. How to earn money and what you should pay attention to in this article. The tips are not only related to wpSEO, but are generally about partner programs for such and similar products.

In Xovi * is the SEO monitoring tool of my choice, which I use for some time. And since XOVI also offers a partner program, I would like to present it today.

For the (provisional) conclusion of my “Make Money Monday” series, I would like to present today the affiliate network Zanox *. This is the largest network of partner programs in Germany. You can find more information, detailed insights and own experiences with Zanox in this article.