The Spanish authorities are in full crusade against the piracy websites. In particular, the most affected are usually those that allow torrent downloads, which are constantly closed. This month have closed two of the most popular: DDMix which had gained much popularity in the past two years, and NewPCT1 a veteran with more than a decade behind him if we count the opening of NewPCT. Police actions occur against the managers of such sites, as we saw with the c ierre of elitetorrent almost a year ago.

DDMix, NewPCT1, SeriesBlanco and Bajui: the latest download sites to be closed

The case of DDMix is still not entirely clear, since the web has continued to share content in P2P networks, but they are not linking it to the web since it is not accessible. In addition, the Facebook page was closed two weeks ago, and for a few days it was possible to access a version before the closing where their links could be obtained. However, it is now two weeks without showing signs of life.

At the moment it seems that more than a dozen pages have been closed in this new and silent attack against the websites that allow downloading torrents. Another of the affected websites is SeriesBlanco, which shows a message when entering that the domain has been intervened and is available to the Judicial Authority. has also been closed these days, although it is as an alternative.

As often happens with the closing of these web pages, some are reopening with other names or other domains. A website with the interface similar to that of NewPCT1 has appeared under the name of , along with others such as torrentlocura or

In the case of DDMix , another one has appeared with the domain of, although it does not have any link to torrent and it is only streaming (also with a lot of Latin content). As it seems, this website is taking advantage of the name and design of DDMix and has nothing to do with it.

Beware of false alternative websites, or you could be infected with a virus

Most of these websites constantly open pop-ups and ads loaded with viruses, so we strongly recommend that you do not visit them, and if you do, do it with a good antivirus . These websites, in addition to displaying ads that download viruses and malware (since they apparently pay the most), also mined cryptocurrencies on the computers of the users who visited them.

Many users are choosing to create Telegram groups to share torrent links and links to the new websites that are appearing, but this is also becoming a difficult task to carry out because Telegram also closes these groups and channels quickly.

Today we have also learned that the National Police has arrested two people who sent illegal copies of pirated books to users’ e-mail to avoid being discovered. In total they would have won 60,000 euros with advertising on their website, and with the subsequent resale of user data to send them advertising to those addresses. Therefore, we see that the authorities take piracy more and more seriously, and it becomes more difficult for a website to last a long time.