Panasonic Viera Television Troubleshooting

Panasonic smart tv is one of the popular smart tvs all around the world. Panasonic tv made on the Viera Platform. You can run any types of apps on your Panasonic Viera smart tv. But, sometimes your Panasonic tv app is not working or you are facing any problem to stream your videos, multimedia apps on your Panasonic Viera smart tv.

You don’t sure about the Panasonic tv troubleshooting. Follow the below-given instructions to fix the app is not working on the Panasonic smart tv.

Panasonic Viera television troubleshooting

You can follow the below instruction to troubleshoot your app not working problem and fix the issue.

1. Restart your Panasonic Viera smart tv

You need to take your Panasonic smart tv remote control and press on the power button to turn off the power.

After turning off the power of your Panasonic smart tv, you need to unplug your tv power cord cable from the outlet. You need to wait for 50 seconds to 1 min before plug-in power cable to a power outlet.

Now, you need to open your app or re-test thing where you faced the problems. We hope, it may work for you for resolving the problems.

2. Check the Internet connection

Most of the users facing app is not working issue due to internet connections. You need to check your wifi and wired network connection properly. Internet is coming or not. You can follow this tutorial for connecting internet on your Panasonic smart tv to wifi or wired network.

3. Update the Panasonic Viera smart tv Software

You can use the update the software or firmware of your Panasonic tv to troubleshoot the issues.

Follow this tutorial for how to update the software on Panasonic smart tv

4. Panasonic Viera TV Troubleshoot via Factory Reset

You can reset your Panasonic tv factory settings by default (it means reset all setting and erase unwanted data from your Panasonic tv)

You can follow this tutorial on how to reset factory settings on Panasonic smart tv.

At Last:

We hope, above all troubleshooting methods helpful for you to troubleshoot the Panasonic app is not working issue. If you are getting the same issue, then you need to contact Panasonic customer care for resolving.