The best Apps for Photo Montage

Making montages of photos is a task of the daily life of millions of design professionals as well as people who love the good style and compile moments in individual frames. There are different ways to make photo montages and maybe one of the most practical ways to do this is to do it directly from your smartphone. We are going to show some of the apps for photo montages. You will spend many hours editing photos until you can express in a single frame, all the fun and emotion resulting from your photographed life experiences.




Something that is highly valued when installing an application to make photo montages is undoubtedly the versatility and the ease with which the procedures carried out by mobile development are intuitively realized. The imagination is the limit and this photomontage app has everything you need to edit in a fun and colorful, all your photos were taken directly from your smartphone. Make the best montages with your photos, using photomontage and note the other features that this application has for you.


A couple of millions of users and 4’4 out of 5 make this application one of the best apps for photo montages on Android. It is payment, yes, but its price is not great for everything it offers. Photocollage is an entertaining mobile application to make assemblies on mobile or tablet instantly. The application is ideal to create pleasant postcards, whether Valentine’s Day, Christmas or birthday. See all the topics there and enjoy the results! And not only you will be able to play with the photographs, but you will be able to combine them with texts and stickers, to personalize them 100% to your liking. Its design is very attractive and its interface is very easy to use. In addition, you will be able to save your montages in high resolution (1024 × 1700). Try the demo version and if you like it, you know!


After this curious name, we find a fun application to create montages of photographs with your mobile. Free and for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Thanks to the community behind the photo app, new frames applicable to our photographs are produced every day. There are millions to choose from! It is very easy to create photo montages with this app, and the diversity is very wide, so you will surely find what you are looking for. The free version includes ads and certain restrictions in terms of effects and filters, but it is ideal to try it, and if we like it, buy the full version. The application lets you quickly share our assemblies where we want. Do not miss it!

PicSay Pro

This app is like a two in one, because it has standard editing options and we can make any type of assembly with the images that we have in our mobile. You only have to use tools of the special edition that are cut from one photo to paste it in another, sources to choose, and new stickers, there is a demo and a paid version of 3 euros.

Photo Grid

 It is excellent for collage work also for photo montages, has an easy interface to handle by everyone. There is the option to adapt your montages so that they fit very well in Instagram. You just have to choose the photos for the assembly and choose one of the frames, you can put 5 to 9 photographs as a limit. So fast is the app.

Meme Generator

This app is the best for photomontages and very fun. You can believe that you have 600 memes all in well-ordered categories so you have to choose a great variety, you also use your own images to add the text you want. Everyone uses it in my house.


The alternatives of applications to make montages with photos are perhaps one of the specialties for Apple products. With Groupshot you will have endless hours of entertainment thanks to its almost perfect graphical interface and the functions will allow you to handle in a simple way, the photos you have destined to make the photo montage. This application was selected as the best of its category in 2012 and the developer team behind this project, through its information channels keep its users full of news and interesting news about the world of editing and photo editing.


With this free iPhone application you will be able to create photo montages, magazine covers, effects, collages, congratulatory postcards, put labels on your photographs or use filters. And best of all, you can combine all these effects (you should not stay with one!) In addition, the photo montage app has a new function: that of creating montages with the cover photo of Fb. Be the most original of your friends and family! Everything you do you will be able to share with the “share” button directly on the social network, Whatsapp or e-mail. You just have to select a category, a theme and the photographs you want to combine. Then you can continue adding effects to the photographs or directly save and share your montages. The app works for both iPhone and iPad.