Protect Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest will add features for the protection of user accounts

Pinterest has announced the launch of new features seeking to help users keep their Pinterest account protected. First of all, the company will launch in the coming weeks the possibility of accepting authentication in two steps, as it already exists in many other Internet services.

Protect Your Pinterest Account

This means that users, once activated this function, for which they must go via the web to the security section of their respective accounts, they will receive a code every time they are going to log in.

The message with the code may come in handy through a text message or through Twilio’s Authy app.

In this way, Pinterest adds, perhaps quite late, to the widespread trend of offering this feature so that users who wish to use it can benefit from it.

In addition, from the aforementioned section, users will also see a list of devices linked to their accounts, so they can verify if all those exposed devices are theirs or in case some of them do not belong to them, they can eliminate them.

And finally, the platform itself will alert by email every time you log in from a new device or location. In case the users are satisfied, they should not do anything, although if they believe that access through these channels has not been done by them, they will be able to reset the passwords of their accounts to protect them.

Basically, it is about measures already existing in other services on the Internet and that now is also present on Pinterest to enable users to have their accounts protected.