Microsoft works on a Raspberry Pi emulator to use in the web browser

Raspberry Pi emulator

You already know Raspberry Pi has become one of the most innovative products since several years. It’s launch and has participated in a multitude of projects over time.

There have been several versions that have been released on the market of this mini-computer, each of them more advanced than the previous one, either in one section or another and with some really interesting prices.

In fact, Raspberry Pi has won several awards such as the award he just received in the United Kingdom awarded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. It is for all of this that over the years, this device has established itself as the most appropriate solution for the development and management of multiple environments and technological devices.  In addition to a cost that is quite affordable for the majority.

Raspberry Pi emulatorNow that the technology is known as the Internet of Things or lot is growing visibly, and more than in the coming years.

The Raspberry Pi has become one of its greatest exponents when it comes to developing new projects related to many projects that can be carried out with these products.Now we are going to announce that to start working on any of the existing ones or to get our personal creativity afloat, it will no longer be indispensable have a Raspberry Pi itself, but we can make use of an emulator of it.

Emulator for the Raspberry Pi web browser

In particular, we refer to the possibility that we now have to start working with the code used in the preparation of these mini-computers, through a simulator that will be of great help when executing commands for these.

For all this, we can use an open source tool from Microsoft Raspberry Pi Simulator which we can work efficiently directly from our web browser.

It also allows us to connect to the Hub of IOT of Azure in order to collect data from sensors that can be integrated into our project with Raspberry.

Keep in mind that currently, this simulator is in the preliminary version and everything indicates that it is a tool that is in full development. We can make use in the near future. It has that go growing much more.

But what is clear at the moment is that through Raspberry Pi Simulator we will have the possibility, thanks to this online emulator, to execute our own code through our web browser and in this way control the emulated hardware.

At Last:

We will say that all those who are interested in introducing you to this exciting world through this emulator, Microsoft has prepared a basic guide that will help us to get started on these tasks.