Top 10 Best Screen Recording Software 2018

screen video capture software

Today, recording or capturing video on the screen is essential. In this article, we discussed top 10 best screen recording software and no explanations on how to create SEO content or advice sometimes.  it’s the details that make the difference. As an explanatory image or a well packaged video tutorial .

Maybe thanks to a video captured by the screen. How many times have you ever recorded a PC or Mac screen video , perhaps by capturing a highlighted mouse arrow, and not finding a resource worthy of the name?

For this I want to tell you the best resources to create a screenshot, capture the monitor of the PC or Mac. And  record video screen to explain in just a few words what you can not report on the spreadsheet.

Because it records the computer screen with Screen Recording Software

Recording the video screen is a useful solution for your tutorials , for a webinar, for an important presentation. Choose carefully the tool that fits your needs and remember to upload everything to YouTube to give visibility to your work.

What do you need to record videos from your Mac or PC screen? Maybe even a good microphone to tell what you see.

You can create tutorials, record video conferences, enrich your best guides with these PC and Mac software, a free screen video recorder is always convenient for a blogger who wants to focus on clarity and content marketing in general. Even when you have to register the screen of your Windows 7 or 10 and you do not know how to do it.

Record video from the screen: Capture Fox

How to record the PC screen without programs? How to make videos from the PC without software? Here’s  Capture Fox , the Firefox plug-in for  best capturing screen videos.

best screen video capture software

This is an application that allows you to register with just one click on the icon that will appear in the base of your browser once the add-on is installed. Of course, you can not expect great results but the simplicity of use is disarming .

Camstudio, record video from PC and Mac

CamStudio  is a program to record the screen. Perhaps the most famous video recording software. Capture any video and audio activity on your computer by transporting it to AVI or Streaming Flash Video (SWF) files.

Screenshot with Icecream Screen

Icecream Screen Recorder  is among the best desktop capture programs. Another application that records what happens on the screen and allows you to send it to your favorite channels. This app to capture your computer monitor allows you to record video games and Skype calls. Usable from PC and Mac.

PC software that records monitor: Jing 

Unlike almost all the resources listed,  Jing plans to install a program on your PC, but it’s justified if you think of all the options that it offers (and it seems right, especially if you want to create a discreet product). This is a professional software to capture the screen and the computer desktop.

Tool to capture video from Mac: Quicktime

Do you want to record the video of your Mac? Are you looking for software to capture video from your computer screen? Quicktime is easy to use, has an unobtrusive interface and allows you to make even minor changes to the final product.

This is a true screen capture software . I have tried many, am I assure you that Quicktime offers the best compromise between free video tools and quality of the result. You can also combine a different microphone for storytelling.

Free Screen Video Recorder, free software

Download  Free Screen Video Recorder to capture the screen, record your video with the operations you want to share with your readers. This is one of the best tools to record videos from Mac and PC . Try it and let me know how you are.

Record the screen as a GIF with Cockos

There are many programs to create animated gifs online , but you can also find the solution to capture the screen and turn the recording into GIF . To rare all this you can use Cockos , a software to download on your computer.

oRipa Recorder, record online pc screen

oRipa Screen Recorder  is a tool to record your activity on a PC (Windows) in real time and save it as a video file. One detail: oRipa Screen Recorder allows you to capture audio during video recording.

video capture screenCamtasia Studio: professional tool for video screen recording

This is one of the most important names among professional screen recording tools. I use Camtasia to get the best result possible. Obviously it is a paid software to be installed on the computer.

With these tools to record video screen you have at your fingertips the best solutions to show what you do on your Mac and PC monitor. Why is this solution so useful? Because the content marketing is split even recording videos.

Opinion: How to record screen video for Mac, windows, iPhone, tablets 

How to record the PC screen without Screen Recording Software? These are the tools I use to capture the desktop, to create useful videos to explain what happens on the screen of my Mac but also for PC / Windows. Now I’m waiting for your experience about Screen Recording Software.