Download Selenium WebDriver Java client

Download Selenium WebDriver Java client


Selenium WebDriver supports many languages and each language has its own client driver. Here we are configuring selenium 2 with java so we need ‘webdriver Java client driver.

1) Click here to go on WebDriver Java client driver download page for WebDriver download file. On that page click on ‘Download‘ link of java client driver as shown in the below image.

Note :- Download latest version.

2) Save the .zip file to your disk.


3) Once you have downloaded the archive you will need to Extract the zip file, which will create the unzipped Selenium Java folder.

4) Once the extraction process is complete, Open the Selenium folder.

5) There will be ‘libs‘ folder, 2 jar files and change log in unzipped folder as shown in bellow figure. We will use all these files for configuring WebDriver in Eclipse.