A simple change of DNS allows access to websites blocked by the Civil Guard as Divxtotal or Gamestorrents

This morning we have dawned with a news of draft. The Civil Guard has proceeded to block 23 pirate websites including Divxtotal and Gamestorrents among them. Users who visit these websites will see a notice from the Department of Telematic Crimes of the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard. This is part of the first phase of the Cascada operation, although the truth is that it seems that things have not been done well since a simple change of DNS allows access to websites blocked by the Civil Guard.

It happened in 2015 with the blockade of The Pirate Bay in Spain, which could only be accessed through a simple DNS change. The story is repeated three years later in the framework of the Cascada operation against Internet piracy. This is the first of a series of actions that will be carried out against this type of web pages that provide content protected by copyright through P2P networks that have ended with the blocking of portals such as www . divxtotal . com , www . estrenosdtl . com or www . gamestorrents . com , among many others.

A change of DNS to continue entering the blocked websites Divxtotal or Gamestorrents

In the first phase, 23 web domains have fallen from where direct download links of all kinds of protected audiovisual material such as movies, series, music, and video games were accessed. Users who have tried to enter this morning have seen a message from the Civil Guard alert them about it as we see below.

“This domain has been intervened and is available to the Judicial Authority,” is the message we could read. However, it has given us to try to replicate what happened 3 years ago with The Pirate Bay and we have verified that a simple DNS change allows continuing accessing the blocked portals.

We can choose any DNS from this list with the best and the fastest, although we have only checked it with the Google DNS and with the IBM Quad9. In both cases, we can continue to access the blocked domains without problems and we will not see the warning message from the Civil Guard.