7 Things You Should not Do in Your Social Media Accounts

Social Media Accounts

Social media marketing has been integrated into the real estate sector in the past few years. Real estate professionals first open social media accounts to create their digital assets. They then went further and entered social media advertising. Most importantly, they have common features in all of the real estate professionals who use social media effectively. They all developed a social media marketing strategy to improve their digital assets. They set goals, analyzed the results of monitoring, and ultimately learned to use social media effectively to market their business.

Real estate professionals learn what they should do in social media marketing, but do they have an idea of ​​what they should not do? Here are some of the most common mistakes real estate professionals make in social media marketing. So you’ll discover what you need to do in social media.

7 Things You Should not Do in Your Social Media Accounts

Being General, Arrogant and Irrelevant

You will not be able to boast of the work you do. So give up using glorious words that glorify yourselves. Of course, this does not mean that you will not be proud of the sales closures you achieve. You can gently share how you survived the challenging work by thanking your customer for completing the sales process. This will be much more effective. Likewise, do not hesitate to share content that will reflect your personal characteristics from time to time. So you will not look arrogant and sincere.

Share Unnecessary Updates and Comments

Social media, especially business accounts, have lines that you should never cross. Sharing content and comments that bother people and cause their brows to frown only gives you bad reputation. When you make such an error, you will have destroyed the social media success that you have wasted a long time. For this reason, think twice before clicking on the “share” button.

Continuously Marketing Products or Services

One of the most important issues to pay attention to in social media marketing in the real estate field is to escape promotionalism at an extreme level. Of course you can share lists for sale, you can hear the houses you have made new sales. However, you should keep them at the lowest level. On Facebook, which is reducing the visibility of over-promotional content in the news stream, this results in even worse results. If you do not have original, useful content to share with your audience, it may be more useful to stay away from social media.

Give Social Media Access to Wrong Persons

Incorrect information in your social media, badly crafted status updates or offensive tweets without your knowledge, your accounts may be in this state. Because you hired a bad social media marketing manager. Or the person you hired might have handed it over to someone else to do your job to ease the work in your hand. So it is very important that you trust the person you will deliver your social media accounts.

Share Personal Content Only

It’s good to share the most important moments in your private life in your social media accounts. However, you are never welcome to do this on your business account. Instead, it is better to share the most relevant moments that are relevant to your business. For example, a special achievement you get on the housing market or a record sale that you have reached in that day …

Sharing Very Frequently or Very Rarely

Keeping your social media accounts constantly can increase the likelihood of some of your shares being overlooked, and making them infrequently also reduces your chances of appearing in the news flow. For this reason, it is best to share at the time when your target is active, at least five times a day.

Sharing Text Only

Only textual content in your social media accounts prevents you from getting enough attention. Instead, you must also share pictures and video content. Real estate video tours, you can withdraw more people with impressive photos of the listings for sale.