You can be cool after a workout without spending an hour taking care of hair in the locker room. Try these few techniques to take care of your hair after the sport .

Corrugated look

For beautiful ripples it takes a good hydration (as for more curly loops). Wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Wipe them with a towel. Set your curls by hand with a curly hairspray that matches your curls texture. Above all, do not comb them with a brush, unless the imposing volume and soft focus is not wanted. It’s about getting fresh out of the room, not spending an extra hour on style , or doing a remake of Grease …

They are stiff

Drying your hair on perspiration can make them look even flatter and duller than usual. In fact, the salt contained in the perspiration tends to tarnish them and make them a little cartonneux. To avoid rat tails, follow these tips. Wash your hair with conditioners or skincare products only from the bottom of the ears (or at least half their length). Once rinsed and towel dried, apply a light mousse to stiff hair, brush them and charm will work.

Rather kinky

Here’s how to make them seem longer and frizz-free. Use a moisturizing cream product on damp hair. Then tie them in a loose bun and perched high on the skull (do not pull the hair anywhere stiff on the top and sides of the skull). Imprisoned in the elastic, they will be naturally stretched and keeping the moisture longer will give them a softness and silky appearance. Let them go once they are almost dry.

Little universal board

The dryer – whatever it is – is not a good hair option. Try to avoid it as much as you can. Thus, in case of emergency, your hair will not hold you rigorous of an express drying.