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In other entries, we have already told you about the best  App to take pictures. As we love photography, and for this reason, we have a special section devoted to it. Today we specifically bring the best app to join photographs. With these apps to make collages, you will be able to join photographs from your gallery and create enjoyable and original combinations. 

Whether you are a professional graphic designer or if you are fond of photography, you will always find some kind of visual need, where two or more photos come together; Through our list, you can explore different alternatives to achieve this goal, from interesting collages to blurring and fusions in photos, which generate a professional result.

With these collages, you will be able to have your memories all together in one image. Discover the endless possibilities that these applications to join photographs bring you, both for Android and ios.


1. Image Combiner

Of the best and powerful applications to join photos, without a doubt it is Image Combiner. It is the simplest and most intuitive way to perform simple processes in graphic design from the mobile as it is to join two photos in one. 

You only have to select the objective images, press the “combine” button and immediately a new image will appear that you can share quickly in your social networks. 

Communicating ideas has never been so simple, thanks to the intuitive power to join photos that Image Combiner has. This application is very versatile and does not represent performance problems for your mobile. 

Its elegant graphic interface will make you spend several hours editing the multiple photos that your projects require. Available for Android in free mode.

2. Mix Photos

If what you are looking for is an application whose only function is the union of two photos, Mix Photos is the tool that will help you achieve this goal. Also within the app, there is the option to set up frames so that you can give a personal touch to your photo mergers. 

Both for photos saved in your gallery, as for photos that you have just taken on your mobile, Mix Photos is designed to instantly give life and art to your combination.

This application supports the one shared with the most important and popular social networks in the digital medium. Set the level of transparency desired, set your photos and let Mix photos do all the work for you.

Forget the complicated processes in text editors and save time using this app to join photos.

3. PicStitch

PickStitchlet combines photos in one creative way. Choose all the angles of a moment or a person and put them all together in one layer. This author of collages has a powerful editor that offers all the possibilities to the user to make his photographic montages more attractive. It is the best apps to join photos over all other apps.

 The app offers hundreds of predesigned templates and also offers the possibility to create your own. In addition, you can take pictures directly from the app or select them from your gallery or Fb. 

With a few small touches with your finger you will be able to cut, rotate, adjust and apply thousands of effects, and filters to your photographs.

After creating collages with your mobile you will be able to share them on social networks or send them to e-mail, Dropbox, Evernote or another application that supports the JPEG format. On newer devices lets you save pictures in HD.

4. Cut and Paste Photos without Sewing

A super simple app that delivers what it promises. Make your design and stand next to your favorite celebrity or favorite tourist spot and unleash your imagination.

Have you never thought about how you would look in the body of your best friend? Well with this app you can do it with the option to swap faces, being able to choose your images from the gallery or from the rear or front camera of your mobile device.

 Of course, you can share your design in any favorite social network. Available only for Android devices.

5. Moldiv Collage Photo Editor

Moldiv is an incredible app to join photographs and make collages very entertaining and creative with a variety of settings in your professional photo editing options. Undoubtedly one of the most complete and attractive options for assembling photographs.

 In the free version, you have eighty frames (and if you upgrade to a Premium version, you’ll have a hundred more). The customization options are endless, being able to adjust size, colors and other basic settings, as well as being able to incorporate up to fifty photographic effects.

 The app lets you combine up to nine photographs in one and its wide range of filters and colors, as well as texts (100 fonts, 99 patterns, and colors in fourteen styles), make it one of our favorite apps to join your best photos.