Vizio series differences | Vizio series comparison

vizio p series quantum

Vizio is one of the best america’s smart tv companies. Vizio launch the best smart tv series like as P-Series Quantum, P-Series, M-Series, E-Series, D-Series.

If you buy the vizio smart tv, then you need to know difference between series of Vizio smart tv. If you don’t know Vizio series differences, then you can follow this article for Vizio series comparison.

Vizio series comparison

1. Vizio P Series Quantum

vizio p series quantum

Vizio P series quantum comes with the world of the brightness, contrast, color, and clarity. If you have any doubt about the vizio p series quantum’s picture quality then you can check on below video.

Why choose Vizio P-Series Quantum?

Here’re the best top reasons why select the Vizio P-Series Quantum.

  1. Comes with the Quantum Dot Technology.
  2. HDR dolby Contrast vision
  3. Built-in Google Chrome cast.
  4. Come with the Amazon Alexa voice control and Google Assistant.
  5. Brightness Upto 2000 nits.
  6. Screen Design is immersive bezel-less.

Vizio P Series

vizio p series smart tv

Vizio P Series comes in the three types of the smart tv’s variants such as VIZIO P-Series 75 inch Class 4K HDR Smart TV, VIZIO P-Series 65 inch Class 4K HDR Smart TV, VIZIO P-Series 55 inch Class 4K HDR Smart TV.

Why choose the Vizio P Series Smart TV?

Here’re the top reasons to select the Vizio P‑Series Smart TV:

  1. Comes with Active 4k HDR & UltraBright 1000.
  2. Bright Contrast screen with a billion colors.
  3. Alexa voice contron & Google Assistant
  4. Built in Chromecast.
  5. Come with bezel-less screen.

VIZIO M-Series Quantum

Vizio m quantum series is also one of the best series of Vizio Smart TVs. Vizio M quantum series comes in different-different display sizes such as 65 inch, 55 inch, 50 inch and 43 inch

Best Reasons why you select the Vizio M-Series Quantum

  1. Comes with Quantum Extraordinary Color
  2. Picture quality is excellent.
  3. Display is comes with 4K UHD and Dolby HDR vision
  4. Voice control – Hand Free
  5. Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay features included where you can stream thousands of app on your vizio tv.
  6. Comes with SmartCast 3.0