Vizio Vs Samsung – Is Vizio Better Than Samsung?

In today’s highly competitive TV market, Samsung and Vizio are two brands that have established a name for themselves. However, this has made picking a television quite challenging for consumers. Anyone who plans to buy a new TV often wonders which TV is better Samsung or Vizio.

Samsung is a renowned multinational company, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It is a global leader in the electronics market. Comparatively, Vizio is a new company that has managed to establish quite a name for itself in the television market. Headquartered in Irvine, California, the company is popular for producing excellent televisions at economical rates.

Today we dive into the decade-old argument of Vizio vs Samsung. We evaluate the various features and specifications of both the TV brands to give you a better picture and help you understand how does Vizio compare to Samsung.

While Samsung has been a leading TV brand for many decades, Vizio has also managed to emerge as a formidable competitor. But are Vizio TVs better than Samsung? Which is better Vizio or Samsung?

In today’s article, we assess the various features of both the televisions to help our readers gain a better understanding and make an informed buying choice.

Comparison between Vizio and Samsung Smart TVs

1. Picture Quality

The picture quality of television is worth paying attention to. The quality of color and brightness of the television can either make or break your TV viewing experience.

The high-end series televisions by Vizio like the Vizio P series Quantum boast excellent picture quality. When comparing the image quality of both the brands, it is safe to say that it is a tie.

2. Display Technology

Both the brands use the same display technology, LCD-LED, in their televisions. In the beginning, VIZIO televisions did not boast superior display technology, which impacted the quality of the picture.

However, with time, the brand has worked extensively on improving its display technology. Meanwhile, Samsung has always been a market leader for decades that uses advanced display technology.

3. Display Resolution 

Ultra HD resolution is the groundbreaking technology that is used by most of the leading TV brands globally. Both the brands, Samsung and Vizio, use the same technology, and thus it can be challenging to determine which one is the best.

4. Audio Quality

In this Vizio vs Samsung TV debate, the next point worth looking at is the audio quality. The built-in speakers of Samsung television sets are considered to be a bit superior to the ones in Vizio Tvs.

It is safe to say that when it comes to the sound quality of the television sets, Samsung fairs as a better option than Vizio.

5. Screen Size

In terms of screen size, Samsung televisions are more superior to Vizio TVs. The Vizio lineup starts from 32 inches and goes all the way to 85 inches. On the other hand, Samsung makes televisions with small screens and massive sizes, such as 292 inches. In this aspect of Vizio vs Samsung, Samsung wins the prize.

6. Smart TV Option

Another factor that we need to take into consideration while discussing the Vizio vs Samsung debate is the smart TV option. Both these top brands make internet-enabled televisions, and their functionality are more or less similar. However, a few experts believe that Samsung’s smart TV functionalities are better than Vizio’s.

7. Ports

One of the important factors that experts urge customers to look at while deciding which television to go for is the number of ports the TV set features. A TV set that does not feature the right number of ports can pose problems. Vizio compared to Samsung has more number of ports.

8. Price 

Samsung is an established name in the TV market, and thus, a majority of its television sets are pricey. On the other hand, Vizio televisions that boast more or less similar features as Samsung, are available at budget-friendly rates.

Vizio’s strategy has been to make high-quality televisions available to consumers at competitive prices. In the discussion of Vizio vs Samsung, Vizio is definitely a winner for customers who are looking to get more for less money. 

Final Verdict 

There is no denying the fact that in the debate of Samsung vs Vizio TV, there are many ways in which Samsung outperforms Vizio televisions. However, Vizio is a budget-friendly brand that offers you the best of technology for less money.

There are many aspects, in which both the brands offer similar features, however, one can’t turn a blind eye to the distinctions between the televisions.