Vizio Watchfree

If you don’t know about the Vizio WatchFree service. You can read this tutorial for finding your solution such as how to use Vizio watch free channel service or what I do when my Vizio WatchFree is not working.

What is the Vizio WatchFree Service?

If you are a Vizio SmartCast TV or 2017 VIA+ TV user. You can use the Watchfree service on your tv for enjoying and watching the live channels.

The Watchfree service is powered by Pluto TV.  A Vizio Watch Free service offers to watch the news, movies, TV shows, videos, and many more channels on your tv. You no need to pay any monthly fee for the subscription for these channels.

What Vizio Model have the WatchFree Service?

The below list of the Vizio VIA+ TV models which support the WatchFree Service.

  1. D24f-E1
  2. D24h-E1
  3. D32f-E1
  4. D39f-E1
  5. D40f-E1
  6. D43-E2
  7. D43f-E1
  8. D43f-E2
  9. D50-E1
  10. D50f-E1
  11. D55-E0
  12. D55f-E0
  13. D65-E0

How do I access WatchFree on Vizio TV?

Access WatchFree on Vizio SmartCast TV

  1. Take your Vizio SmartCast TV Remote and press on the INPUT button.
  2. After that Select the WatchFree option.
  3. You can also use your Vizio SmartCast TV’s Input Button which located on your TV’s panel.

Access WatchFree on Vizio VIA+ TV

  1. Take your VIA+ TV remote and press on the V icon button.
  2. After that, select the WachFree app option.

How do I close WatchFree on my TV?

Exit or Close WatchFree on Vizio SmartCast TV

  1. Take your TV remote and press on the INPUT button.
  2. After that, you can change your Input as per your interest/

Exit or Close WatchFree on Vizio VIA+ TV

You can press the EXIT Button on your VIA+ TV Remote for closing the WatchFree.

Is there a channel programming guide for WatchFree?

Yes, Watch free have the available channel programming guides. Follow the below steps to access the programming guides.

  1. Press on the Input Button on your TV Remote.
  2. Select the WatchFree and press on the OK button.
  3. After that, a Watch free channel guide display on your TV’s screen.
  4. You can select your favorite channel by using your remote navigation arrows keys.

Does Vizio WatchFree service have Parental Controls?

The Vizio WatchFree service has built-in parental controls. Follow the steps to access the built-in parental controls.

  1. Take your TV Remote and press on the “-” key.
  2. After that, you can set your pin number, filter the content and many more.
  3. If you set the filters on your TV, then you need to enter the Pin number for turning on or off your filter for watching.