What Are The Risks of Using Epilators?


Epilators are probably the most popular hair removal method that is used in today’s date by most people. While it happens to be one of the most popular ways that you can get rid of hair from your body, it always involves a risk and there are certain side effects of using an epilator that you might come across. If you’ve been thinking about investing in an epilator but you want to make sure that you know the risk involved in using it on your skin then here are five things that you should keep yourself prepared for.

Here’re the 5 best risks of using Epilators

1. Pain

A lot of women believe that an epilator is painless because it replaces the razor. The truth however is an epilator hurts a lot more than most other hair removal procedures that you can think of. While you will get used to an epilator after a few uses, the initial application process is going to be painful and this is something that you need to keep yourself prepared for. Some women opt in for a numbing cream before they run an epilator on the skin just to make the process easier. While it’s less painful on your legs and hands, sensitive areas such as the underarm and your bikini line might hurt you more.

2. Redness

Since an epilator pulls out each strand of hair from your body, it makes it painful and often leaves your skin sore and red. This isn’t something that you can avoid, but investing in an epilator that works as a wet-dry epilator can definitely help provide you some relief. If you have sensitive skin then using an epilator that you can use underwater is definitely recommend it because it helps reduce the pain as well as the redness.

3. Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is also common after an epilation procedure. While ingrown hair is common with every hair removal procedure, it is something that you need to stay aware of even when you use an epilator. If you’re planning to buy a good quality epilator, you must go through the reviews online before buying one for yourself. Check this guide on RadarMagazine for more information on epilators.

4. Skin Infections

Like every hair removal procedure, epilators can also cause skin infection. While this is rare, it isn’t something that you should ignore. Sometimes the material used to create an epilator might not agree with your skin and this could result in an outbreak or a rash on your skin. The best way to judge whether or not the epilator agrees with your skin is to have a test run on a small area and ensure that it has no problems.

5. Swelling

A lot of people don’t realise this, but an epilator can result in severe swelling on your skin. If you use the epilator on intimate areas there is a stronger chance that you could have a swelling or sore skin. The best way to ensure that this does not occur is to apply ice cold water as soon as you use an epilator in the area. This helps to soothe the skin and also calm the area that might swell up.

The process is quite simple and minor side effects will go with time. You can easily try out epilation at the comfort of your home.