Vizio TV keeps turning off

Most of the Vizio Smart TV’s users faced the Vizio tv keeps turning off and on itself problem. You can read this article carefully for avoiding the Vizio tv shuts off randomly issues.

Why does my Vizio tv turn back on by itself?

Check the HDMI receiver power. a few of the Vizio smart tv leaves the powered ON while your Vizio Smart tv is turned off in stand by mode. If you find your Vizio TV turn on itself after turn off in Stand by mode. You can follow the below steps to avoid the Vizio tv shuts itself off issue.

Follow the steps to avoid Vizio tv turns on by itself problem

  1. You can power off your Vizio tv’s HDMI source that is no longer outputting audios and videos on your select HDMI input on the transmitter.
  2. You can also be powered off your unused input which is connected to your transmitter.
  3. You can disable the CEC function on your Vizio Smart Tv for resolving the Vizio tv keeps turning on issues.

How To Disable CEC Function On Vizio Smart TV

You can use the following steps to disable CEC function on Your Vizio smart tv.

  1. Take your Vizio smart tv remote, Press on the Menu Button.
  2. After that, Select the settings or System option and press on the OK button.
  3. Select the CEC settings and press on the OK Button
  4. After that, you can disable the CEC Functions for avoiding the Vizio tv turns on by itself issue.

Why does my Vizio tv won’t turn on?

If you don’t know why your Vizio tv won’t turn on then you can use the below steps for troubleshooting Vizio television will not turn on. I used the below steps when my Vizio tv won’t turn on.

Follow the steps to fix the Vizio tv won’t turn on problems

1. Checking the Power Cord

Check your Vizio TV power cord cable. It may cause of your Vizio tv not turning on. Remove the power cord cable and plug it again.

2. Use Vizio TV Power button

If your Vizio smart tv won’t turn on then you can use your Vizio Smart TV power button instead of your Vizio smart tv remote. Sometimes remotes don’t work properly.

3. An Image is not showing on Vizio Smart TV Display

If an image is not showing on your tv display then it may be a power issue.

Press on the menu button on your Vizio smart tv remote. If the Menu dialog box opens on your Vizio TV’s screen then your TV is turning on and doesn’t have the power problems.

The black screen is showing when your smart tv is not connected with the cable or Dish TV services.

4. Check the power cycle of your Vizio TV

5. Check your Vizio Smart tv to connected in a new power outlet