3 Reasons Why Gnome Shell Is Better Than Ubuntu’s Unity [Opinion]

If you don’t know why gnome-shell is better than Ubuntu’s unity. Follow and read this article to find out the best reasons for Gnome shell Vs Ubuntu’s unity.

Gnome Shell Is Better Than Ubuntu’s Unity

There are 3 reasons Gnome shell is better than Ubuntu Unity.

1. Speed

  1. Gnome Shell version 3.2.1 is much faster than Ubuntu’s unity.
  2. Screen activities much faster than Ubuntu’s Unity.
  3. Ubuntu’s Unity is slower than the Gnome shell.

2. Organization and Design

  1. Gnome shell is better organized than Ubuntu’s Unity.
  2. Ubuntu’s unity dashboard is more confusing than the Gnome shell.
  3. Gnome shell dashboard is clean and simple. It is easy to use for beginners.

3. Unity for Ubuntu Only

If you are using Ubuntu. You can easily to move on the Gnome 3 without any problems