Ghostwriter is a Markdown editor, available on both Windows and Linux (and Mac, vaguely, and with a few hacks), whose goal is, like a WriteMonkey, to allow users to focus exclusively on their text. Full screen mode, clean interface, everything is done to keep you away from interference and notifications that can quickly turn writing into hell.

In spite of this desire to make simple, the software separation nevertheless all the necessary tools for a good tuff of drafting:

  • Highlight syntax Markdown, for better readability;
  • Spelling correction
  • Word counting;
  • Preview and export in HTML (with “custom” style sheets for preview, database);
  • Possibility to integrate with other Markdown sofas to export to PDF, ODT or RTF.

The only thing I did not manage to do at home, it is direct drag & drop image in the editor. But it’s just your PC, you will tell me.

For the rest, the client is flexible, light, proposes themes for those who do not like the perfectly clean white, and overall makes his taf by being forgotten, and that is all that is asked. The export in HTML is clean and easily usable in your WordPress or other Drupal, In short way, it is at all good.


At last! I forgot: Ghostwriter is completely free. If you’re an adventurer, there’s a way to run a version on OS X, via the source code, but do not expect anything stable or even usable at the moment. If an official version were to come out, you would obviously be kept up to date.

In the meantime, if you are on Windows or Linux, and you work daily with Markdown, do not hesitate to try it. Personally, it may well be that it becomes my favorite editor.