Beware The Clean The Skin Of The Back

Approaching time for vacations and beaches! It is time to clean the skin of the back. If during the cold season of acne on the back can be hidden under clothing, in the summer, this problem should not prevent you enjoy the pleasures of a beach holiday!

Acne on the back – it is a sensitive issue that touches many. The fact that this is the area most prone to the formation of acne – the sebaceous glands work most actively here, and pores susceptible to contamination. Follow our advice, and let the skin will be perfectly smooth!

Internal causes:
– excessive sebum (the product of the sebaceous glands), changes in

the composition or the blockage of pores;
– Breach or hormonal imbalance (puberty, puberty);
– A genetic predisposition;
– metabolic disease;
– Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;
– Unbalanced diet;
– bad habits;
– Excessive stress;
– Vitamin deficiency (vitamin deficiency).

External causes:
– from poor quality synthetic fabrics or clothing is closely fitting clothing / use other people’s things (bed linen, bath sponge, etc…);

– The impact of environmental factors – long-term exposure to the skin to sunlight (in this case, reduced local immunity of the skin).

Furthermore, moisture or, alternatively, dry air may also negatively affect the skin condition;
– Improper care – lack of proper hygiene (rare or, conversely, too

frequent bathing).
– Fatty body lotions.
Alas, even the most high-quality body lotion may be comedogenic properties, if it is too thick or is simply not suited to your skin type. Try some time not to put the cream on shoulders and back – it is likely that the cause of rash is in it, even if all the other parts of your body does not react to remedy.

– Cleansers
Blunder many girls: there were rash – should carefully rub the washcloth back! The effect is the opposite – injured skin where there is acne, and spreads this crap all over his back, exacerbating inflammation. If there is a problem, then from hard sponges in this part of the body should be abandoned altogether.

– Salicylic acid
lotions with salicylic acid are often recommended by dermatologists to combat acne on the face. In practice, this means it may be too “fusion” for the delicate skin of the face, but if you use it on the back – just right. Clean the problem areas of the skin such lotion to dry up


– Masks of the clay
Another, more gentle, but no less effective method – the mask of blue clay. Apply them on the back and shoulders of 1-2 times a week. This mask helps deep clean the pores and dry the rash. Only after these procedures perehoditek skrabu!

– Scrubs
We have already said that the sponge will not work in getting rid of acne on your back, but you can feel free to use the scrub after dry acne masks or salicylic acid. Attention! Fresh spots can not skrabirovat – a big risk tramirovat skin, acne spread across the back, but still buy

small scars.

Cabin procedures that have to do with acne on his back:
If you encounter this problem, it is recommended to resort to cosmetic

procedures such as:

– chemical peels;
– Cryotherapy (so-called “cold treatment”);
– Phonophoresis (administration of medicines and cosmetics in the

deeper layers of the skin using ultrasound exposure);
– Mesotherapy (vitamin-enriched skin – intradermal or subcutaneous

injection of micro doses of biologically active substances);
– Plazmoterapiya (intravenous blood plasma products).