7 ways to get an energy boost without caffeine

We do not want to say anything bad about coffee, but there are other ways to get a charge of vivacity! Read, like spinach, sun and favorite songs to help cheer up.

1. Sing on the way to work

Studies have proven that humming your favorite songs stimulates the central nervous system. Those who sang were more active than those who simply listened. Of course, the high notes do not you take, but the attempt, according to scientists, is already a means of struggle with apathy. Feel free? Tapping to the beat, too, should work.

2. Lean on spinach

Vitamin B, which in many leafy greens, helps your body convert food into energy. Serve salad greens will not give instant tidal forces, but a steady flow of Vitamin B can help fight fatigue for longer.

3.Turning the face to the sun

Only 15 minutes in the sun, according to Dutch scientists, will charge you extra energy. When the eyes see the natural light stimulates areas of the brain responsible for alertness. So raise your curtains or go out on the street.
4.Stand up to wake up

A short walk can get rid of drowsiness. Physical activity accelerates the heart rate, metabolism and blood flow. Go to a colleague on another floor, instead of sending him an e-mail message. Rise in peregovorku the stairs instead of the elevator or leaving for a walk on the street, if there is time.

5. Say goodbye to coffee breath

According to British scientists, chewing gum can have a catalytic effect, making you more alert and improve mood. Chewing heartbeat accelerates, making you more energetic. Choose a mint: the smell of peppermint helps to strengthen memory and increase the rate of reaction.

6. Just think about it

Just the thought of your girlfriend or wife is able to cheer you, say Canadian researchers. The level of sugar in your blood increases, it gives you energy boost. The next time you’re nodding off, remember something nice from your life together and, most importantly, herself in every detail.

7. cheer up
Tell your boss that new kotorolik from YouTube will help to brainstorm. Japanese scientists have found that viewing funny videos increased blood flow throughout the body, causing a burst of energy.