A young Sheffield Wednesday fan looks at his smart phone. by FourFourTwo

Football or soccers got headlines among the most popular sports on around the world. Every month the different leagues of the world to join Football or soccer sports. We take a look at the best football apps list for Android users which can download from the play store or app store. Soccres app is available  both free and paid on App store or play store.  Do not forget to follow your favorite teams and cracks in the world with the best apps to interact with football on android.


1. Soccer results

Scorrer results app will help you to serve as one of your main sources of information. Calendars and information is constantly being analyzed and put into interesting form so that you can make sound decisions, especially if you like games of chance based on statistical studies. Recommended this soccers app for soccer lovers that go beyond TV commentators.

2. 365Scores: Live Results

365Scores is one of the most best apps for football lovers. You will have one of the apps with the best notification system and in real time that exists on Google Play.

You will find Goal alerts as well as different relevant information categories in 365Scores. Football is a sport that moves masses and has an excellent information system of bookmarks and other information of this niche.

It will make you go a step ahead especially if you perform competitions or bets with your friends or professional level. Do not forget to install this app available on Google Play for free.

3. FIFA Official

With this FIFA andriod app the users could have all the action that was developed in Brazil with the alerts of the matches of their favorite selections. They were able to follow the matches live and share with their friends, players, coaches and celebrities. The users also became protagonists of the World Cup with their votes for the election of the Player of the Match of each of the sixty-four matches. y


ESPN is another of the giants of sports news that has jumped into the world of mobile telephony, and with it you will have all the results live, breaking news, videos, analysis and personalized alerts of your favorite teams and selections of the World Cup, wherever and whenever you want.

The ESPN app for Android also has the coverage of La Liga, Liga MX, Barclay Premier League, Serie A, MLS, Bundesliga, Primera División Argentina, Postobon League of Colombia, Ligue 1 and much more. In addition to the leagues you have the information of the main competitions: World Cup, Champions League and Europa League, Copa MX, Copa Libertadores, Copa de Sudamérica, CONCACAF Champions League, Copa Argentina, Copa del Rey, UEFA Euro 2016, Copa FA, Capital One Cup and more. For US users UU there is data that is only possible in North America: a selection of videos targeted for MLS, Liga MX, Copa MX and UEFA Europa League, as well as the latest Tri and the selection of EE. UU Latin American users can enjoy a selection of selected Champions League and Europa League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Liga MX, and Copa MX videos. The app has custom markers and the latest live games to keep you informed of so many, alignments, statistics, situations, calendars, transfers, video summaries and more.

5. AS – League Guide

The League Guide app has European competitions, live carousel more complete, with statistics, alignments and summaries of each game and a player search engine. It also has the details of all the matches with the information updated at the moment, with results, goals, changes and alignments.

In addition to the latest version of the app, more competitions are added: Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 and the ones that it already had are: Liga BBVA, Adelante, Champions League and Europa League and now also the Copa del Rey .

This app includes more data, analysis and records with a history of up to 10 years, both teams and their players and the classification of all competitions.