How to use Apple Airplay on Vizio Smart tv?

Apple Airplay supported Vizio tv

Vizio smart tv supports the AirPlay app features. You can stream your favourite videos, movies, photos by using the Airplay app on your Vizio smart tv.

If you are a new Vizio tv user and don’t sure how to use the airplay app on your Vizio tv. Follow the below instructions to enable and use of the airplay on your Vizio tv.

How to use Apple Airplay from an App?

1. You need to connect internet your Apple devices and Vizio smart tv on the same Wireless network.

2. After that, launch your app which you want to stream.
3. Airplay icon will appear on your apple device. Tap on the icon.

4. After that, you need to select your Vizio tv name which will appear on the list of available devices.

How to enable Airplay option on your Vizio smart tv?

1. Take your remote control and press on the V icon button or home icon button.

2. Smartcast home menu will appear on your Vizio tv screen.

3. Select the Extra menu which will be shown of your tv’s top of the display.

4. Airplay option will appear and select it.

5. Select the ON to enable Airplay feature on your Vizio smart tv.

How to Share Photos on your Vizio tv by using Apple AirPlay

1. Open your Photo on your Apple Device which you want to share on your vizio tv.

2. More option will appear on your device. Tap on more icon.

3. Select the Airplay icon option.

4. Select your Vizio tv name for sharing your photos on tv.

Apple Airplay supported Vizio tv-series and Vizio tv models

List of the Apple Airplay supported Vizio tv. This list also available on vizio official website. You can also verify from there


D24f-F1 D24f-G1 D24h-G9 D32f-F1
D32f-G1 D32f-G4 D32h-F0 D32h-F1
D32h-F4 D32h-G0 D32h-G9 D39f-F0
D39f-F1 D40f-F1 D40f-G9 D43-F1
D43f-F1 D43f-F2 D43fx-F4 D48f-F0
D50-F1 D50f-F1 D50x-G1 D50x-G9
D55-F2 D55x-G1 D60-F3 D65-F1
D65x-G4 D70-F3


E43-E2 E43-F1 E43u-D2 E48u-D2
E50-E1 E50-E3 E50-F2 E50u-D2
E50x-E1 E55-E1 E55-E2 E55-F0
E55-F1 E55u-D0 E55u-D2 E60-E3
E60u-D3 E65-E0 E65-E1 E65-E3
E65-F0 E65-F1 E65u-D3 E70-E3
E70-F3 E70u-D3 E75-E1 E75-E3
E75-F1 E75-F2 E80-E3 E80-F3


2017-2019 Product Lineup
M437-G0 M507-G1 M508-G1 M50-D1
M50-E1 M556-G4 M557-G0 M558-G1
M55-D0 M55-E0 M55-F0 M60-D1
M656-G4 M657-G0 M658-G1 M65-D0
M65-E0 M65-F0 M706-G3 M70-D3
M70-E3 M70-F3 M75-E1 M80-D3
2020-2021 Product Lineup
M50Q7-H1 M50Q7-H61 M55Q7-H1 M65Q7-H1


2016-2019 Product Lineup
P50-C1 P55-C1 P55-E1 P55-F1
P55RED-F1 P659-G1 P65-C1 P65-E1
P65-F1 P759-G1 P75-C1 P75-E1
P75-F1 PQ65-F1 PX65-G1 PX75-G1
2020-2021 Product Lineup
P65Q9-H1 P75Q9-H1 P75QX-H1


2019 Product Lineup
V405-G9 V435-G0 V436-G1 V456-G3
V505-G9 V506-G9 V555-G1 V555-G4
V556-G1 V585-G1 V605-G3 V655-G9
V656-G4 V705-G1 V705-G3 V706-G3
V755-G4 V756-G4
2020-2021 Product Lineup
V405-H9 V405-H19 V435-H1 V435-H11
V505-H9 V505-H19 V555-H1 V555-H11
V585-H1 V585-H11 V605-H3 V655-H9
V655-H19 V705-H1 V705-H3 V705-H13