Available for download specialized assembly Ubuntu GamePack 16.04, provides the means to guarantee the start of more than 22,381 games and applications for MS Windows and MS-DOS, and original, designed specifically for GNU / Linux platform.
The default interface of GNOME Flashback, whose appearance resembles a classic of GNOME, if desired, you can select and standard Unity at logon.
As part of the assembly pre-installed:
✔ two delivery systems via the Internet applications and games (Steam, Lutris);
✔ to run games originally supplied for the Windows platform available PlayOnLinux, Wine and CrossOver Linux;
✔ to run older games available for the DOS platform DOSBox and DOSEmu;
✔ for online-games have been set for Adobe Flash and Oracle Java;
✔ distribution is already connected to a repository with a large collection of games of different genres. (340 linux-games)
and set:

✔ Sparky Aptus Gamer – a utility for installing support for various consoles, emulators and other tools
✔ Gnome Twitch – it is an opportunity to enjoy gaming and video streaming (cyber tournaments, all kinds of cyber competitions and other stream from the usual players) in a separate application window.
What is new with respect to the previous version:
– distribution is made on Ubuntu * Pack 16.04 codebase and includes all of its features;
– Including all updates for January 2017;
– In addition to the previously existing additions in the new version adds another 5-Th utilities: CrossOver tool, DOSBox, DOSEmu, Sparky APTus Gamer and Gnome Twitch.
Distributions for the i386 and amd64 platforms are available for free download
Dimensions ISO images and 2.1 Gb 2.3 Gb respectively.
Learn more details about the distribution here