The Best Free Images To Download For Your Blog and Social Media Posts

Stock Photo Websites

Finding best free images to download  for your blog and social media posts are not easy. For this reason I thought to list in this article the best resources to download quality photos and images free with Creative Commons Zero license. That is the CC0 that allow you to use the shots for any purpose, even for commercial purposes.

Such resources are precious. How many times have you looked for free images for Facebook ? How many times have you asked where I can find beautiful images for blogs? What are the sites to download free photos?

I have updated several times the article you are reading and I found the best sites to  recover free photos for Facebook, sites and blogs. All these links offer free images to download. You always check the licenses, make sure they are Creative Commons before downloading. Let’s find out about the best resources.

Images without copyright Google

The first step is to find free images, drawings, photos without copyright to use on Facebook and websites.

find free imagesMaybe even from a cell phone. So, how to do it? How to use Google to find photo free?

Or use Google and then go to the image entry. In both cases go to Tools and then to usage rights.

Here you will find the various options ranging from those marked to be reused without modification , with modifications and with commercial use. This is one of the most used solutions to find free images and CC0 photos. But before using the material, check the copyrights. How to check if an image is copyrighted? The best way is to search and then contact the person who owns it.

Free high quality images

You want quality images, always paying attention to copyright. You must respect the work of those who take pictures or create graphics. At the same time you are looking for the highest quality material. There is a solution.

Beware of the possibilities: before downloading these beautiful photos for free, always check which license is registered! Just a moment to give the right credits to the author. Here are my favorite sites. Here you can find beautiful images to download also to give a good morning on Facebook .

  • Foodie’s Feed – The best free images for those working in food.
  • Death to the stock photo – Free images for blog.
  • Magdeleine – The charm of quality images. There are licenses, eh!
  • Public Domain Archive  – Images in the public domain.
  • Bucketlistly – Perfect for travel bloggers. Here you can find photos to use as a free background.
  • Skuawk – Free downloadable images.
  • Stock photos for free – Sign up to get access to free photos.
  • Curated Free Photo – 71 free stock photo.
  • KaboomPics – Images without copyright that make a bang!
  • 400 quality images – just one click to download.
  • Raumrot – A selection of quality images taken from Flickr.
  • Furious room – Free images for commercial uses.
  • Getrefe – The best photos taken from mobile.
  • Lock and Stock Photos  – Free high-definition photos of great quality.
  • FancyCrave  – High resolution photos of professional photographers.
  • Polar Fox  – Here you can find excellent images for Facebook and for the blog.
  • Unsplash  – Beautiful pictures with CC zero license.
  • Pikwizard – Where can I find free and beautiful images? Here!
  • IM Free  – A filter that identifies the most beautiful photos of Flickr and sorts them by topic.
  • Startup Stock Photo – Downloadable photos for free for those working in the social sector.
  • Stock Snap – A visual container, a site to download free HD images.
  • ISO Republic – The republic of images that can be used for free download.
  • PicoGraphy – Only quality resources, big and well made photos.
  • SumAll – Yes, even here there is a free image section.
  • StokPic – Everything you need to enrich your posts.
  • Pexels – You never get enough quality free images.
  • All the free stock – Free images, but also creative music and video commons.
  • Photober  – Free blog photos are not many but the quality is good.
  • Markerbook – Free images for startup.
  • Function  – Where to find high resolution images? Here!
  • Cupcake  – A name, a guarantee: a visual of great taste.
  • SplitShire – Free online images to enrich your web pages.
  • FoodiesFeed – Free high-resolution images for the food industry.
  • Superfamous Studio  – Fantastic images, Creative Commons licenses.
  • Giphy – Gif to download and use on Facebook.

Here are the most beautiful pictures of the web. What more do you want from life? Here you can find everything: free web photo database, free and paid image websites that allow you to choose the type of account. Always remember to check the license before downloading the free images you need for your work.

Royalty free images to download

I have good news for you:  Getty Image allows you to get the code to insert the archive images on your blog. The result presents a frame that refers to the source. It seems a good compromise. We continue with the sites to find free images for websites and blogs.

    • FreeFoto – Free image site, easy to navigate.
    • Pngtree – An archive of beautiful and free images.
    • FreeStockPhotography – Free images, site in italian.
    • Freeography – One of the image blogs where you can download free photos.
    • Photopin – Search for your images, find, respect the licenses for use.
    • Stocksnap – Image catalog with section dedicated to trends and editors.
    • Styledstock – Beautiful pictures and free images for blogs, social and web projects.
    • Free Nature Stock – Images dedicated to nature.
    • Imageafter – Old -fashioned layout but free images.
    • Realisticshots – New photos in Creative Commons every week.
    • ShotStash – Beautiful images to download for free (even for good morning on Facebook).
    • Pixabay – Find and share images good morning to download for free.
    • LibreShot – Beautiful pictures for commercial use.
    • All free download – No copyright to download.
    • Resplashed – Over 500 free images for your web projects.
    • RGB – Free stock photo: Do ​​I have to add anything else?
    • Life of Pix – Free images for personal and commercial use.
    • – Beautiful, playful and funny images for WhatsApp.
    • MMT – Free photos for urban and nature blogs for commercial use.
    • Public Domain Photo – Beautiful collection of public domain images.
    • Story blocks – Beautiful images for good morning, goodnight and happy birthday.
    • Dreamstime – Selection of free images online for your projects.
    • 500px – Not all photos are Creative Commons, always check.
    • Freeimages – Stock images without copyright to use.
    • – Free images to download and use. Attention to the source!
    • Free Stock Photography – Free photo and royalty free images.
    • Jay Mantri – Seven CC0 images every Tuesday.
    • Epicantus – Free photos on Tumblr, beautiful.
    • British Library – Flick account with photos from the historic library.
    • Good morning images – nice and funny pictures for hello on WhatsApp.
    • OpenPhoto – Download free images dedicated to nature.
    • Free Digital Photo – Free photo archive for website.
    • Freerange – Images for commercial use, hard to find.
    • Site Builder Report – Collection of free photos for blogs, as many as 13,000 images.
    • EveryStockPhotos – Not the best, but always useful.
    • Quotegraphics – A collection of really useful shares. Just quote to use.
    • Dustn.TV – Choose the image you prefer, link the source.
    • Stock.XCHNG – Simple and undemanding: average quality.
    • Photogen – An archive of free photos and images that you can use for your blog.
    • Freedigitalphoto – Free and premium image packages: the blog thanks.
    • Freebiesbug – Not just images: free resources for web designers.
    • Albumarium – Simple and essential: lets talk about quality images.
    • Barn Images  – Stock free images, without copyright.
    • Burst – Beautiful free images and photos to download for sites and blogs.
    • Freepik – A site that collects vector images, PSD, free icones.
    • Negative Space  – Images without copyright, photo royalty free free.
    • Lock & Stock Photos  – A nice collection of free images to download.
    • Graphicburger – Free high resolution photo, beautiful images, icons, template.
    • Big pictures – Not a very new site but big and beautiful images.
    • Windoweb – Free desktop images to download.
    • Skitterphoto  – All the photos you need, for any topic.
    • Vecteezy – The ultimate resource for free vector images.
    • Good Stock Photos – Collection of images to download and use on the blog.
    • Travel Coffee Book – Thematic images for those working in the travel sector.
    • Free Food Photos – Need photos dedicated to food? Here they are.
    • PublicdominePhotos – 5,000 images and 8,000 public domain clipart.
    • Alegriphotos – Approximately 3,000 free images are waiting for you.
    • Creative Commons Search – Find free images and free photos for Facebook.
    • Morguefile – Collection of images: many free photos to be used freely.
    • IMGFlip – Add your images and create an animated gif in seconds.
    • Freepixel – A site dedicated to free images divided by categories.
    • StockVault – Offers a section dedicated to the best photos of the past.
    • The Pattern Library – They are not photos but backgrounds.
    • FreePhotoBank – Photo with Creative Commons license: do not forget the source.
    • Free Refe – The free version of Refe. Here you can find various photos to download.
    • Goodnight pictures – Special pictures for goodnight on WhatsApp and Facebook.
    • Google Creative Commons – Search for creative image commons for Google.


I remind you that most of these sites offer images with CC0 license . That is without any constraint. Always check though: you have to make sure of the license and you have to understand what the obligations are.

Embedded: add free photos

Do you know that there are other ways to enrich your posts with great photos and gifs? Just go to Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr : these platforms allow you to embed embedded pages in HTML, a great way to enrich them. Ok, I continue with the sites of free images that make the difference.

Free commercial images

You always want new material: search through the services stock photo-paying sections dedicated to free products and subscribe to the newsletter often give free high-resolution commercial images. I am subscribed to the Depositphoto newsletter , and each week they send several free files.

n particular, I decided to use Gmail to create a free image archive without weighing down Dropbox or Google Drive for archiving. I subscribed to the Depositphoto newsletter, and I created a folder dedicated to free images on Gmail .

Free icons collection to download

Icons are important, you know? They play a role in the balance of web pages: they are visual contents that guide people to certain resources. You have to choose them and insert them in the best possible way. You want free icons for websites , but you also look for quality. You know what? You’re in the right place.

  • Flaticon – Vector icons gathered in theme groups: everything you need.
  • Iconfinder – Free and paid icons: what you prefer is here.
  • Iconstore – Here too you find a small empire of free icons for websites.
  • DeviantArt – A good resource for finding new free icons for your site.

Search engines for images

Google searches do not help you find images that can be used on your blog? Sometimes it’s not enough, just as free image sites are not enough. You need platforms to look for stock photo. For this I created the category dedicated to image engines  for Facebook and free vector.

  • Pickup Image – A search engine to locate images for free.
  • Google Search Image – The best CC image search engine.
  • Visual Hunt – Another image engine for blogs.
  • Picsearch – The name says it all: search for images online.
  • Yahoo Search Image – There is not only Google Images between search engines.
  • Yandex – What do you need? Free images for your blog? Look for them here.
  • CC Search – The image search engine in Creative Commons. The original one.
  • PicFindr – If you need a photo it is here that you find it, in this search engine.
  • Behold – I’ve seen better sites. But sometimes it’s here that you find the quality.
  • Fagan Finder – It’s not the best as a graphic, but it works.
  • Compfight – It is not a stock of images, but an engine for Creative Commons.
  • Piktab – Google Chrome extension that allows you to find free images.
  • TheStocks – Top sites for free images to post on the blog or Facebook.
  • TinEye – Reverse search engine for images: upload the photo and tell you everything.
  • Foter – Still an image search engine.
  • New York Public Library : 180,000 free historical documents to browse.

On the web there are several search engines alternative to Flickr able to return excellent results (paid or not). For this reason I suggest you take a sneak peek at this excellent list dedicated to the main Image Search Engine identified by Lifewire : here you can find almost everything you need.

App to write and edit photos

Often the images you post on a blog or on social networks can be changed by the phone. That’s why I decided to include a section dedicated only to applications for editing photos: in this section you will find the best apps to create graphics from your Android or Apple mobile phone.

  • Adobe Post – The brand that launched Photoshop summarizes everything in this app.
  • Snapseed – One of the best apps for editing photos. Unmissable, I always use it.
  • Canva – Android and iOS app, a reference point for those who want to create graphics.
  • Snappa – Free images, ready-made social bases, fonts and shapes available.
  • VanillaPen – For Android and iPhone smartphones, you can create unique odds.

I tried to insert the free apps, the ones that allow you to get good results at no cost . However, it is not always possible to obtain low (or nil) quality and expenses. Before downloading and using these tools, I always suggest you check the price: it may have changed.

Free template for Canva

There are a thousand ways to generate and find quality free images , but sometimes the best solution is another: create from scratch the graphics to use on Facebook and Twitter posts, without forgetting the ones you can use on the blog. Canva is the ideal solution to create graphics from scratch . Then there is Hubspot with:

  • Infographics.
  • Advertising, cover and post Facebook.
  • Post and cover Twitter.
  • E-mail.
  • Images for blogs.
  • LinkedIn cover.

To download these templates you must leave your email in the form you find here: . Do not worry, the emails sent by Hubspot guys are always interesting if you love web marketing (and inbound marketing in particular).

App to create infographics

One of the most interesting areas for those looking for images to post on the blog: the infographics. Everyone needs good infographics for their blog, to enrich the editorial calendar. Readers love these contents and creating them is not easy: here are the indispensable tools.

  • – Create free infographics, to work on charts and data storytelling.
  • – Template ready to create infographics even for beginners .
  • Visualize – A tool for transforming your resume into an infographic.
  • Piktochart – Start from a scheme and create presentations, graphs and infographics.
  • Google – There is a section of Google dedicated to the creation and display of data.
  • Hubspot – Provides 15 free templates to create infographics.

There are also other ways to create infographics. Su Canva there are specific models for these products, but if you need a 100% customized product there is no other solution, you have to turn to a professional graphic designer: this is the best solution when you are looking for the best.

Quotation and quotation tool

The images can be observed but can also be read : for this I want to add a list of free tools, without registration, that can help you to write on the photos and to create images with quotes (quote image tool). The result is spectacular, you’ll see.

  • Canva – A really essential tool for putting writings on photos.
  • Befunky – Suite to create images to insert in the blog and to share on social media
  • Hipster Logo Generator – Want to create a logo for your blog from the hipster touch?
  • Share as Image – A Chrome plugin to create image dimensions. Just one click and you have solved.
  • Some Ecard  – Do you want to say something important to write on images? There are the Ecards!
  • PicMonkey – Image editor to insert texts, frames, decorations and much more.
  • Pablo – The tool to create odds in 30 seconds: putting the text on the photos is easy.
  • Phonto – App to insert text on images from your smartphone.
  • Made with over – Same work as Phonto, but with a rich community.
  • Quozio – Very simple. How to write on photos online in a moment.
  • Quotepixel – Enter a text, choose a background and enjoy the quote – masterpiece.

Do not forget Placeit , a spectacular free mockup tool. This site allows you to enter the screen of your site on the screen of a device, and these apps to write on the photos . If you know other resources to get free images , and maybe even to reduce their weight online , you can suggest them in the comments!

Always applications to create a website mockup without Photoshop: in many cases you can use Smartmockup that allows you to insert screens on computer monitors, smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches.

Where to find free images

In these sites you will find the best free images. I can assure you. But the search never ends: if you have other indications and if you can suggest new sources do not hesitate: leave your opinion in the comments. We always need new sites to download photos for free. Do you agree?