BlueStacks 4 – How To Install, Configure And Use The Android Game Emulator For PC

source Siliconera

Anyone who has been curious about how to run applications or Android games on the PC for sure they have heard or have already tried BlueStacks. An application that we can get for free and that has just been updated to the BlueStacks 4 version. Next, we will show the novelties of this new version and the steps to follow to install and configure the emulator on our PC.

News from BlueStacks 4

The main novelties of this new version of the Android emulator for PC come both internally and externally, as it offers a renewed interface. Specifically, BlueStacks 4 has abandoned Android KitKat to be based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat to become a much faster emulator.

From the official website of BlueStacks, the company states that the new version is up to 6 times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9 +.

In addition, Android N offers greater compatibility to run all your high-performance mobile games on the PC, which together with the possibility of playing on the big screen of your computer with a keyboard and a mouse or gamepad, makes the experience incredible.

BlueStacks 4 also comes with a renewed interface in which unites a new bar at the bottom of the screen where some icons like Google Play or the multi-window option are displayed. It also adds the possibility of installing new themes and the mapping tool has been retouched to simplify its use. In this way, it is now possible to simulate a pulse.

How to install BlueStacks 4

To install BlueStacks on our computer, the first thing we have to do is go to the official BlueStacks website and download the emulator. As we can see, it has a size of about 400 MB and from the website itself, we can see the minimum requirements that must be met for the emulator to work.

Once we have downloaded BlueStacks 4, we double-click on the .exe file that has been saved on our disk and the installer will be launched to begin the installation process.

BlueStacks 4 recommends disabling the antivirus on your PC if it interferes with the emulator installation process.

If everything goes correctly, in a few moments we will have BlueStack installed completely.

Once this is done, the Engine will start which may take up to 2 or 3 minutes depending on the performance of our computer and after that, the Wizard to start the BlueStacks 4 configuration will be shown.

How to configure BlueStacks 4

The first time we set up BlueStacks 4, the first thing that we will be asked to do is to choose the language and then we will not request that we identify ourselves with a Google account.

Once this is done, it is already entering the new BlueStacks 4 interface.

There we will see the icon bar at the bottom, the system applications are access to Google Play and the menu of the upper bar where the BlueStacks points are displayed in the notification center. It is also access to our account and the configuration from where we will be able to change the theme, access all the settings of the emulator, volume control, change the wallpaper, etc.

From the application center icon found in the bottom bar, we access a full list of recommended games.

In addition, we are shown the most popular games, the most profitable, trends, etc.

From the search engine that appears in the upper right part of the BlueStacks interface, we can choose or find the application or game that we want to install. This installation will be made from the Google Play Store.

Once the game is installed, we can launch it in the emulator and start loading as if we were doing it on the mobile itself but with the difference of being able to see it on the big screen of our computer and manage all the options with the mouse and keyboard in place with your finger on the screen of the mobile.

bluestack configrationWhen launching the game, we will see that at the bottom of the interface of BlueStacks 4 there is a kind of bar where we have the option to go back, the start button and a series of icons on the right.

There we find the options to activate or deactivate the assignment of keys, open the key dispatcher, toggle key display, activate the screen, configure location, take a screenshot or simulate the action of shaking the mobile.

How can we check, the interface of BlueStack 4 is organized in tabs. In this way, we can easily move from a game to the page of our account, to Google Play to install another game or application, etc.