Cannot take screenshot due to security policy issue

When you tried to take a screenshot or take a picture or photo on your android smartphones, but a message appeared on your mobile phone “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy“.

If you don’t know about Can’t take screenshot due to security policy error message, why you are unable to capture a photo. Follow the below reason for how to fix unable to capture screenshot prevented by the security policy of Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Mi, Sony and other smartphones and how to disable screenshot security policy on your mobile phone.

What the reason of unable to capture screenshot

1. Google Chrome Incognito Mode

If you are surfing or browsing the internet on your Google chrome incognito mode on your android smartphone. You tried to get the screenshot on your smartphone during the incognito mode, but a message will appear on “can’t take a screenshot. An android operating system didn’t give permission to take a screenshot in Google Chrome.

Solution: You can use the Firefox browser for taking a screenshot in incognito mode.

2. Policy set on your SmartPhone

Any company or firm give a mobile phone for commercial purpose. Maybe they set the policies to prevent the snapshots.

3. Third-Party Apps Policies

If you are using the third-party apps on your android smartphone. Maybe they set the policy for preventing the screenshot during using the particular app. Most of the financial app and banking apps are not given permission for taking a screenshot on your smartphone.