High bad cholesterol risk of heart disease: Study

Medical News Today

A study has rejected theory established for almost 50 years, associated with heart diseases. Until now, it was believed that high levels of bad cholesterol were one of the main causes of heart diseases. But now a study claims that high levels of bad cholesterol lead to heart diseases, there is no evidence of it. A team of 17 cardiologists from around the world has disclosed this. It has also been mentioned in the study that there is a large number of heart attack patients under which the amount of LDL-C (bad cholesterol) was less than the normal level. Sheriff Sultan, a study professor involved in the study, said that elderly people with high levels of bad cholesterol are alive for longer days.

This study has appeared in a British magazine Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology.

The study has been done on nearly 13 lakh patients. The study team comprised cardiologist from the US, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, France, and Japan. This cardiologist team has also rejected the effectiveness of the condition medicines used for heart diseases. Researchers have warned that millions of people do not get any protection from Steins. Therefore it should be left to use. There are also concerns about the long-term effects of this drug among many doctors and patients. Due to excessive use, diabetic muscles may have to face the problem of pain and memory loss.

Fat accumulation of heart arteries is known in the language of medical as atherosclerosis. So far it has been believed that atherosclerosis is made of cholesterol. But this study has claimed that there is no relation to atherosclerosis from bad cholesterol.