Roblox is most popular & larger online gaming platforms all around the worlds. Especially, it is designed as safe for kids to play online game, create games and many more. You can create own items and mini-games on Roblox Platform. You will get a limited inventory space for uploading your stuff or gaming. You need to manage your inventory space to upload your new mini-games on Roblox. You can drop things in Roblox for empty some spaces for new things.

If you don’t sure how to drop items or stuff and things in Roblox. Follow the below instructions for how to drop stuff in Roblox.

How to drop things in Roblox on your computer or PC

If you are using the laptop, desktop computer, mac and Xbox One for playing the games on Roblox, then you can use the below instructions to the items or things like hats, tools, weapons and many more in Roblox.

  1. Goto in Game inventory and select your item and hold it.
  2. After that, press on the BackSpace Button.
  3. After pressing the Backspace button, your item will be drop immediately.

Note: Above Backspace method, you can drop almost items in Roblox expect hats. If you want to drop hats in Roblox, then you need to press on the = (equal) button.

How to drop things in Roblox on Mobile or Smartphone

If you are using the Mobile phones for playing games, then you can use the below steps to drop things or items on your mobile device.

  1. Goto in Inventory and tap on your item which you want to drop.
  2. After that, click on the Chat. If your mobile keyboard will show, then click on the Cross Button. If your item is not dropping, then repeat above steps again.

Note: This dropping item method will not work in some games. If your items or things are not dropping, then you need to repeat the above steps again.