Today, virtually all DTT television channels broadcast over the Internet live from their web pages, however, these usually do not work very well in most cases, that is, if they do not ask us to install Silverlight or, worse Still, Adobe Flash Player. However, using a list of channels and a player like Ace Stream it is possible to watch any DTT channel through the Internet comfortably as we are going to show you next.

Ace Stream is a multimedia player based on VLC specially designed to work through the Internet through different protocols, such as P2P, BitTorrent and client-server connection.

The main features offered by Ace Stream are:

  • See all types of transmissions over the Internet through the P2P or IPTV protocol, such as television channels, movies, series, etc.
  • Listen to streaming music through the Internet.
  • Send content directly to other devices such as Chromecast.
  • It is integrated with other applications to facilitate its use.

The latest version of this media player is Ace Stream Media 3.1, and is based on version 2.0 of VLC.

How to download and install Ace Stream

To download this program, all we have to do is access its main website and download the latest version of it from there. Once downloaded the program will install it on our computer following the simple wizard that appears. The assistant does not have any kind of malware or unwanted or advertising software, so we do not have to worry about. Once the installation of the program is finished, it will be ready to be used.

How to use Ace Stream to watch DTT over the Internet

Once installed this program in our computer we execute it and we will see an interface very similar to the one of the well-known VLC player that differs from it by some additional options included in the program and a slight change of color in the subject.

To be able to watch any DTT channel on this player, all we have to do is find the corresponding broadcast URL and open it in the program.

To be able to watch a DTT channel, we will only copy its URL and, in Ace Stream, we open the “Media” menu and select ” Open network dump “.

Paste the URL in the window that appears and clicks on “Play”. In a few seconds, the channel will start playing in the player.

In case of wanting to see other channels, for example, foreign channels, we would simply have to find their corresponding URLs and upload them in the same way in the program. We can also find many channels specially designed for Ace Stream (with the format “acestream: // abcxyz”), which we can also load into the program from its corresponding section.

As always, this program is often used by many people to play content illegally (football, or pay TV, for example) over the Internet. From SoftZone we recommend you make legal use of it, since, as we have shown, your legal possibilities are very large.