install Stremio on Linux

If you want to install the Stremio application on your Linux system for watching your favorite movies, shows, and videos. You can read this tutorial for installing the Stremio on Linux system.

Follow the steps to install Stremio on Linux

You can install the Stremio on Linux by using the AppImage and install manually. You can select any one method which one suitable for you.

How to install Stremio on Linux manually

  1. Open your Linux System.
  2. If you tried to install the Stremio on Linux and your Stremio is not installed properly then you can use these below command for removing the previous Stremio folder.
    sudo rm -Rf /opt/stremio
    sudo rm -Rf /usr/bin/stremio
    sudo rm -Rf /usr/share/applications/stremio.desktop
  3.  You can check your system configuration is 32 bit or 64 bit by using the below command.
    uname -m
  4. If your Linux system is 64 bit then you can use the below command and link to install Stremio application.
    wget “” -O stremio.tar.gz
  5. You can create a folder by using the below command and also save the program icon as per your interest.
    sudo mkdir /opt/stremio
    sudo wget -O /opt/stremio/strem
  6. After that, you can use the below command unzip the file.
    sudo tar -vzxf stremio.tar.gz -C /opt/stremio/
  7. You can create a shortcut icon on your system by using the below command
    sudo ln -sf /opt/stremio/ /usr/bin/stremio
  8. If your system is support the graphical envoirement then you can use the below command for creating a launcher for program.
    echo -e ‘[Desktop Entry]\n Version=1.0\n Name=stremio\n Exec=/opt/stremio/\n Icon=/opt/stremio/stremio.png\n Type=Application\n Categories=Application’ | sudo tee /usr/share/applications/stremio.desktop

How to install Stremio 4 beta on Linux via AppImage file

  1. Open your terminal.
  2. You can use the below command for installing the Stremio 4 beta on Linux
    wget “” -O stremio.appimage
  3. After that, use the below command for giving the executing permission for your downloading file.
    chmod +x stremio.appimage
  4. Use the below command install the Stremio $ beta on Linux