If you are using the Linux operating system . You want to know about your machine status, then Run level helps you for explaining the status of your machine after booting.

 Use the different types of Run levels

  1. single-user mode
  2. multi-user mode with no network services started
  3. multi-user mode having network services started
  4. system shutdown
  5. system reboot

Run Levels in Linux:

Debian Linux:

0 for Halt

1 for single-User mode

2-5 for Full Multi-users with console logins and also installed show manager

6 for Reboot

Red Hat Linux and Fedora:

0 forHalt

1 for single-User mode

2  forMulti-users style console( without networking)

3 for Multi-User mode (console logins only)

4 for Not used

6 for Reboot

Run levels of Arch Linux:

0 for Halt

1 for single-User maintenance mode

2 for Not Used

3 for Multi-User

4 for Not Used/ user defined

5 for Multi-user with X11
6 for Reboot