slow motion app

On occasions, You can record the slower and more detailed video. A slow video will be possible to observe the details and pictures with a great visualization. We take a tutorial on the best slow-motion camera apps for android as well as ios. These apps help you, creating best slow motion videos with the best visual effects.

Here’re best apps for iOS and Android mobile devices to make videos in slow motion


SloPro is the best slow motion camera app. This camera app brings the difficult to the simple since it incorporates good and easy options for editing shots. It allows editing the captures with the wide range of tools that it integrates.

In addition, This slow motion video maker app offers the alternative for the user to perform Time Lapse effects, optical flow (at 500fps and 1000fps) with superimposed images and a fusion of frames and shots that go from fast to slow, and from slow to fast. Slopro mobile app is available on google play store and app store at no cost.

Download SloPro slow motion app: For iOS on App Store

2. Videoshop – Video Editor

Videoshop is an also best alternative of slow motion camera apps. Video shop video maker app has more extensive features and greater options for users.

It allows to cut, edit text and audio, merge several videos in one in slow and fast motion with filters, animated titles, in Stop Motion, create slides, show videos in the opposite direction, voice over and change the scale of the shots, all in high resolution.

In addition, after having the file ready, it can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Email, Snapchat and YouTube. Also a free option for users with iOS and Android devices.

Download Videoshop slow motion app: for Android on Google Play store | for iOS on App store

3. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX app is also a good option for the users who want to make a slow video using the slow motion video maker apps. Using this slow motion mobile app, you can take slow down, fast and quick capture. You can also accelerate the sound so that it occurs like a whole mouse. This option is good for those who want to spend time making videos and slowing down to watch them from another perspective.  This slow motion video app is available only for Android.

Download Slow Motion Video FX: for Android on Google Play Store

At Last

These 3 apps integrate excellent specifications for the user to be distracted and begin to observe what they record from another point of view.