Ultraviolet (UV) rays are a part of sunlight that is an invisible form of radiation. The Harmful effects from exposure of the skin to ultraviolet raditions of the sun can be classified as sun poisoning rash. Sun poisoning rush can be temporary as well as permanent to damage the skin. You will feeling the pain and irrations. This is cause of the sun poisoning rush disappered.
Sun Poisoning Rash Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms of the sun poisoning like as red, itch and painful skin. Unprotected exposure of sun rays causes of formations of the rushes with in a few mintues.

Sun poisoning symptoms is also includes like as:

1. Swollen skin
2. Fever
3. Red, warm, and tender skin
4. Blistering
5. Headache
6. Nausea
7. Fatigue
8. Damage to the eyes
9. Skin cancer


Sun Poisoning Rash Causes

Sun poisoning rash is actually an allergic reaction to sun exposure. The UV rays of the sun are more powerful and lengthen exprosure which is extremely harmful to the whole body. Sun poisoning rash have many side effects of cetains drugs like as hexachlorophene, thisazide diuretics, etc. These are more hyperactive and causes further damage to the skin.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancers are the major commonly problems in the worlds. There are different- different types of skin cancers like as

1. Basal Cell Carcinoma(BCC)
2. Squamous Cell

1. Basal Cell Carcinoma(BCC)

A small raised bump that looks smooth, shiny, and translucent.
A sore that does not heal.
Can usually be removed by excision or topical treatments.
If diagnosed and treated early, basal cell cancers can be cured.
A small, pink, crater-like growth with a raised, rolled border and an indentation in the center.
A scar-like area that is white, yellow, or waxy.
Reddish, irritated patches of skin.

2. Squamous Cell
Crusty, warty appearance.
Can usually be removed by excision or topical treatments.
If diagnosed and treated early, squamous cell cancers can be cured.
A raised growth with a depression in the center.
Scaly, red patch area.
A sore that does not heal.

3. Melanoma
Dark mole-like appearance.
Flat or slightly elevated discolored patch (tan, brown, red, black, blue, or white).
Change on the skin:
Incidence of melanoma has been steadily rising, affecting people of all ages.
New spot developing.
Change in size, color, or shape of existing spot or mole.
Malignant melanoma carries significant, even fatal implications.

Sun Poisoning Rash Treatment

Sun poisoning rash treatment will depend with the type of poisoning and the intensity of burning. There are a variety of methods of treatment for sun poisoning rash.

Take bath in normal water at least thrice a day
Avoid using hard soape as it complicates the rashes from skin exposure.
Wear soft cotton clothes.
Use paste of baking soda and water on the affected areas as it provides the relief fron the sun poisoning rashes.
Peels of potato mixed in a cold solution of Aloe Vera and hydrocortisone cream will help in cooling the body and prevent itching to take place.
Antioxidants or food rich in Vitamin B, C, D and E such as spinach, beans, tomatoes, broccoli, berries, carrots, soy and whole grains, and other vegetables help in just not preventing the occurrence of skin poisoning rash but also facilitate the treatment for the same.