We often recommend different tools to create mental maps or mindmaps. Text2MindMap used a technique to represent tasks, ideas and projects visually starting from a central idea. Text2MindMap is a tool with which to create our own free mind maps online in a matter of a few minutes or seconds.

Undoubtedly, one of the main strengths of Text2MindMap is the simple operation of the platform. As you can see in the screenshot illustrated in this article, Text2MindMap stands out for the absence of complicated taskbars and menus from which to add branches and concepts to our mental map.

As you can see in the left part of the image, each line corresponds to a new text box in our mental map. In particular, the tool works by using the indentation, so we only have to use the tab key to create the different branches. In addition, Text2MindMap allows us to sort the different elements of the map by dragging and dropping each one of them.

At this point, we can not deny that it is one of the simplest online tools for creating concept or text to mind maps that we can find on the Internet. If it has caught your attention you can test its operation through the following link to the Text2MindMap website.