how to activate bixby voice

Bixby voice is an ai based intelligent voice assistant. You can control and operate your samsung devices like mobile phones, smart tvs by using the bixby voice commands.

If you are a new user and don’t know how to turn on bixby voice or how to enable bixby voice by using the Bixby voice commands. Follow the below instruction to activate bixby voice on your Samsung Mobile Devices.

Note: Bixby voice assistant feature come in Samsung Smartphones such as Galaxy S9/S9+ Note8 and s8/s8+.

How to use Bixby Voice assistant?

Follow the below instructions to use the bixby voice assistant on your Samsung phone.

1. Connect your mobile phone to the internet by using the wifi or mobile network.

2. You need to login in your Samsung Account by using your login credentials.

3. Choose your language which available on Bixby voice assistant.

How to set up Bixby voice on Samsung Device?

1. Press on the Bixby voice assistant key for laucing the Bixby on your Samsung Device.

2. Tap on the Next button which will appear on the right-bottom.

3. Choose your communiction language on Bixby voice assistant and tap on the Confirm Button.

4. After that, you need to sign in with your Samsung Account login credentials. If you already login, then Samsung Account Information step will not appear.

5. After that, aead and accept the term and conditions which will be shown on your display. Tap on the Next Button.

6. Now, a bixby voice assistant window will appear on your display. Speak your language for recognizing your voice on the Bixby voice assistant.

Note: Speak clearly and softly. Don’t speak on the noisy environment when to set up bixby voice.

How to activate Bixby voice on Samsung Phone?

1. Take your Samsung mobile device, press on the Bixby voice key and hold it.

2. After that, bixby voice assistant will launch your mobile phone display. Start to listening.

3. Press on the Bixby voice button which appear on your device’s bottom for starting the conversation.

4. When you will start to set voicr wake-up. Say “Hi Bixby” voice command.