Facebook.katana is causing Performance issues | Samsung Smartphones

Facebook.katana error

If you are facing the battery drain issues on your Samsung smartphone due to using the Facebook katana app. This issues had resolved by Facebook.

What is Facebook katana issue?

You are getting popup notification regarding your app closed because of (com.facebook.katana) app performance issues.

It is Facebook.katana error, it had already resolved. You need to update or uninstall the app (reinstall the app again) for resolving this issue.

How to uninstall Facebook katana app on Samsung smartphones

If you getting the popup notification katana app issues on your Samsung mobile phones, then you need to below instructions to uninstall it.

1. Go to play store.

2. Search Facebook and uninstall it.

For Updating the app on Samsung phone

1. Goto on your Play Store app.

2. Type the Facebook on your search box and tap on it.

3. Tap on the Update button for updating the app.