Who Makes Vizio TVs?

Who makes Vizio TV sets

Since its inception in October 2002, Vizio has become a global leader in the fiercely competitive television market. Given its presence in the market, a lot of people often wonder, ‘who makes Vizio TV?’, ‘where are Vizio TVs made?’, etc. Nowadays, consumers prefer being informed about the brand that they invest in.

Here we answer the frequently asked question, ‘who makes Vizio TV?’ along with other questions that pop in the mind of consumers.

Who makes Vizio TV sets?

With the annual revenue of over $3 billion, Vizio has established a reliable name for itself in the global television market. The brand is famous for producing innovative television sets for economical prices. Given the global setting of the company, answering the question, ‘who makes Vizio TV sets?’ is harder than it appears.

As per market reports, Vizio has a strong association with the Taiwanese company AmTram, which handles a majority of the manufacturing for the brand. It is said that the factories where the production takes place are spread in various parts of Asia.

Aside from this, many other companies own the shares of Vizio and contribute to the manufacturing of the television sets. That is why the question ‘who makes Vizio TV sets?’ does not have a straightforward answer. 

Where are Vizio TVs made?

Another commonly asked question is, where are Vizio TVs made? As per reports, Vizio television sets are manufactured in various factories in different parts of the world, like Taiwan and the USA. Vizio is known to be associated with companies like AmTran.

While the answer to ‘who makes Vizio TV’ is Vizio Inc., the response to where these TVs are made is quite different. According to Wikipedia, Vizio products such as televisions are made in different parts of China and Mexico.

History of Vizio

Within a short span of time, Vizio has developed a strong customer base. The company came into existence in the year 2002. Back then, it was known as V Inc, a company that was founded by three entrepreneurs: William Wang, Ken Lowe, and Laynie Newsome.

These three individuals continue to be the major shareholders in the company. The company is headquartered in Irvine in California. 

If you’re wondering, who owns Vizio? Then, the answer to that question is Vizio Inc. However, there are many companies that Vizio Inc. is associated with, and these companies look over various vital operations such as manufacturing and distribution. 

In today’s time, most television brands have factories set up in various parts of the world. Similarly, Vizio Inc. also has factories in different parts of continents like Asia, where major operations like manufacturing take place. 

Vizio vs. other brands 

A lot of industry experts have reviewed Vizio televisions to see how the brand stacks up against industry leaders like Samsung and Sony. Like the major brands, Vizio also offers television in a wide range of screen sizes.

Other features like the display technology, picture quality, sound quality, smart TV connectivity, design, etc., of Vizio televisions, make it one of the best contenders in the market.

Equipped with the latest technology and boasting innovative features and specifications, Vizio televisions are known to offer immersive TV viewing experience. In terms of design and weight, Vizio televisions feature elegant designs and are light weighted.

Many experts and reviewers have reviewed the features of specifications of Vizio televisions and found them to be as advanced as the television sets of other brands. 

Vizio Televisions

Now that we’ve discussed important details about the maker of Vizio televisions lets take a look at the reasons why these TVs are worth the investment. 

Vizio televisions have received rave reviews from both experts and consumers. With their high refresh speed and SmartCast operating system, Vizio television sets offer a truly unique TV viewing experience. The 4K televisions made by Vizio offer impressive picture and audio quality. To date, the brand has launched many TV series that became best-sellers within a short span of time. 

The ultra-sharp screen resolution and LED technology ensure that every picture looks breathtaking on the big screen. Whether you want an entry-level big screen like a 45-inch TV or a high-end one that comes with a whopping 75-inch screen, Vizio has got it all. 

Additionally, the TVs made by Vizio are economically priced. You can enjoy smart features and innovative technology for reasonable rates. Some of the best-selling TV series by the brand are P-Series Quantum X, M-Series Quantum, V-Series, and D-series. While D-series televisions are budget-friendly, the P-Series Quantum X televisions cost over $1000. 

All these TV series come with Octa-Core processors and offer amazing viewing experience. Vizio’s strategy to create smart televisions at reasonable prices has helped the brand develop a strong name in the market.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know who makes Vizio TV sets and why this brand is trending all over the world, you can invest in these televisions without any inhibition. Add the perfect piece of technology to your household and enjoy TV viewing like never before.