6 Tips for Clothes Shopping During Store Clearance Sales

Online shopping in UAE has become very common in recent times. This is quite clear from the fact that a huge number of people prefer online shopping. Moreover, the online stores not only maintain a huge stock along with a wide range of choices for the users but also offer some or the other discounts, promotions and offers which are readily preferred by the people.

This is exactly the reason behind the growing popularity of online shopping in UAE but traditional shopping has not lost its importance completely. Among all the promotions, discounts and offers so available at the time of shopping, the store clearance sale is something which the customers can take a great advantage of.

Shopping for clothes at the time of store clearance sales comes with added advantages which the users can enjoy. But there arises a confusion in this regard as to what would be the best way to shop during the store clearance sales. For the ease and convenience of the customers, here we have listed six important tips as to how to go for clothes shopping during the store clearance sales.

1. Waiting for About Six to Eight Weeks

The stores are always interested in showcasing their most fashionable and latest clothes on their shelves. As the time passes by there is a shift of the position of the clothes from the front of the shelves to the back. It has been observed that within a matter of six to eight weeks of time, the prices of the clothes go down since none of the shop owners can afford to have old stock in his store eating up the expensive shelf. So being patient is the key to taking advantage of store clearance sales. 

2. Always Enquire

Asking is quite necessary every time you go shopping but it becomes even more important at the time of clothes shopping during the clearance sales. Many times, it happens that if we are unable to find our size on the shelf, we leave the store without making a purchase.

But it is to be kept in mind that a smart shopper is the one who always enquiries. If you are not being able to find what exactly you are looking forward to, then it would necessarily be a very good idea to approach a sales person at the store and ask whether that particular piece is available at some other outlet or if it can be arranged.

3. Shopping on Thursdays Would be Ideal

Just as the weekend is about to approach, all of the stores start preparing for it. Thursday is the day when the old stocks are marked down and new stocks are placed on the front shelves. Thus, if you shop on Thursdays, then you can certainly yourself with a better selection of clothes which might not be the case on weekends when everybody is shopping. 

4. Taking the Advantage of the Season

If you are looking forward to the best deals then you must shop at the end of season. Usually the retail stores sell clothing that is a couple of months ahead of the weather which means you can buy in advance for the coming season by taking the advantage of end of season sale.

5. Being Aware of the Return Policy

It is extremely important that prior to shopping anything from the store clearance sales, you should have a clear idea of the return policy so that you need not have to face any kind of harassment later on.

You can get an amazing deal but what if the apparel does not fit you right and at the same time, you are not able to return it as well. So, you would be at a complete loss. Thus, checking the return policy is of immense importance in this regard.

6. Knowing When Not to Buy

It is of utmost importance to know as to when you are buying and what you are buying. If you shop too early or you shop in a wrong month, your purchase can turn out to be a complete loss where you spend a lot of money on buying clothes which would have been a low cost affair if the shopping was done in the correct season.

This it is recommended to be intelligent and know when it is best to avoid shopping or which is the best season to shop for necessarily getting the best deals. 

Now, at the time when you have a clear idea as to how to for clothes shopping during store clearance sales, there is no chance of any confusion and the users can simply go for online shopping in UAE or simply traditional shopping for enjoying the store clearance to the fullest.