best picture settings for lg 4k tv
best picture settings for lg 4k tv

If you want to get the best picture on your  LG 4K or 4K OLED Smart TV. You can set LG OLED optimal settings via your Lg Smart Tv remote,

Follow the steps for best LG 4k picture settings

  1. Take your Lg Smart tv remote. Press on the Menu button.
  2. Select the Setting option
  3. Select more option and choose the picture icon
  4. After that, you can change the picture setting according to your requirement.

You buy a new Lg Smart TV. You find your LG tv setting will be set to default. You can change your picture setting on your LG 4k smart tv as your interest or environment.

We take some best LG 4k picture settings for different environments.

Natural Light
Artificial Light
Dark Room
Backlight / OLED LIGHT 100 80 80
Contrast 100 85 85
Brightness 50 50 50
Sharpness 30 25 10
Color 70 50 50
Tint 0 0 0
Color Temperature C50 C20 0

The Best Apps for LG Smart TV

Smart Picture Mode:

Lg tv has the preprogrammed settings on your LG 4k tv. You can choose the default setting with the help of the smart picture mode.

Note: After the enable of Smart picture mode. You can’t set the Picture Mode Setting manually.  It is available with digital broadcast only. All channel is connected to COMPONENT IN and HDMI IN. They don’t support the Picture mode Settings.

You can set the best picture setting on your LG 4K tv by selecting the Smart Picture Mode:

1. Vivid:

You want to get the sharpen image on your Lg tv. You can increase the contrast, brightness, and sharpness.

2. Standard:

You can set the picture’s brightness, contrast, and sharpness normal via the standard option.

3. APS

APS stands for Auto Power Saving. You can save the power consumption via enabling the APS mode.

4. Cinema

You can optimize your LG Smart TV’s Screen via Cinema mode.

5. Sports/ Soccer

You can optimize your TV’s screen for sports games via Sport/ Soccer mode.

6. Game

Otizime your LG TV’s Screen for Game Play.

7.  HDR Effect

HDR Effect feature provides the best picture quality and also manage the dark and lighting areas of your Display.

8. Photo 

You can optimize the photo for viewing on your LG 4k tv’s display.

9. Technicolor Expert

You can optimize the color via Technicolor.