Legacy hosting environments have been trusted by small as well as medium businesses since their inception. These environments have provided stable support over the years and also gained trust of the SMB community over time. However, the advent of cloud technology has garnered positive response from the business community. Also, the impact of cloud technology on hosting environments has made it a preferred choice as a web hosting solution for businesses.This is largely because of the scalable and flexible nature of cloud hosting itself.

The benefits provided by cloud hosting has made it necessary for a decision maker to know what makes cloud hosting so compelling and why migrating to the same would make sense. As we probe further, we saw more than a reason or two for doing the same. Let’s jump in and know more, shall we?

Here are 5 reasons why migrating to cloud hosting is a great idea for small businesses

1. Scaling multiplied

Cloud hosting gives its deployers the advantage of rampant scaling. The reason people choose cloud hosting in the first place is because it can meet the demand of resources in no time. So, whether its deployers want to scale up or scale down, cloud hosting allows users to do either, at a fast pace. Moreover, there is no restriction with respect to ramping the pace of cloud usage because cloud data centers are present worldwide. Also, if you have a good cloud hosting provider who understands your needs, you can host multiple accounts without worrying about web traffic.

2. Economical in nature

Migrating to cloud reduces the load on capex and opex. Any business that wants to mitigate its IT costs should ideally migrate to cloud hosting. Instead of being a cost center for the organization, businesses should make the most out of this by choosing a good cloud hosting provider that provides them a monthly or an annual deal. This will take away the hassle that businesses generally encounter when they purchase licensing models. With cloud hosting, one pays for the resources utilised and nothing over and above.

3. Great storage capacity

Cloud hosting serves as a pool for large amount of digital data to be stored across multiple servers as well as locations. This simplifies the need to store not just terabytes but also petabytes of data. Since storage is getting cheaper as a resource day by day, cloud hosting providers are also increasing the storage space given in their plans. With this, the preference for cloud hosting as a service has grown. In addition to this, cloud hosting complies with all kinds of data for storage instead of restricting to the type of data like other web hosting services. This is one of the major reasons why businesses are migrating to cloud hosting.  

4. Flexible environment

Deploying applications in cloud hosting environments has become easier now. With time, more and more organizations are migrating from legacy environments to hybrid cloud environments to deploy high end applications and products.This has made businesses resort to cloud hosting in a bid to support their cloud capabilities. Moreover, any businesses can recover lost data with backup solutions like CodeGuard in case of malware or cyber attacks. Since cloud hosting gives users the freedom to architect, orchestrate and build applications along with a sound backup, businesses can easily move within public, private and hybrid cloud environments. This flexibility is a huge plus for any business, which makes choosing a good solution provider from a host of cloud hosting providers an important task.

5. Great mobility and portability

One of the major challenges of hosting on legacy based environments is the fact that migration takes time and also is a little risky. There is a constant risk of data getting leaked as a result of migration. Cloud hosting has allowed businesses to easily transfer data from one hosting environment to the other. It’s not as if you will be transferring hosting data every day, but when you will, consider cloud hosting as a solution since it will ease the transition for you. In addition to this, employees can access any kind of data including data files on cloud hosting or even upload files on the server from any place and at any time. Since cloud hosting has more or less overcome the challenges of mobility and portability, businesses are trusting its service and making the most out of it.

With the kind of advantages given by cloud hosting, it would only be fair to say that any businesses looking for a web hosting services should consider cloud hosting as a serious option. Moreover the improvements made in the cloud technology have a direct impact on cloud hosting largely. Lastly, we hope that you will take these benefits seriously going forward while choosing a good hosting provider among many cloud hosting providers. Because, a hosting service that can unlock the potential of your business is not only a service but also a profit making tool.